Exercise Comes to The Sandbox Via the OliveX Fitness Metaverse

The OliveX Fitness Metaverse is an open-source decentralized fitness platform. The project provides a blockchain-powered ecosystem that allows users to design, create, and play games powered by the NFTs of their choice. Users can also host events in this space without any downtime or restrictions on access typically associated with other gaming platforms.,

The “metaverse workout” is a new game that combines elements of the real world with virtual reality. The game, which was developed by OliveX Fitness, has been released on the Oculus Rift and will be available in the future for other VR platforms.

The OliveX Fitness Metaverse is coming to The Sandbox, bringing health and fitness to the game. With the goal of bringing real-world health and fitness brands to the Web3, the partnership will launch an interoperable fitness ecosystem in which IP from brands such as Dustland Runner and Rider will be integrated into the virtual fitness ecosystem, allowing fitness enthusiasts to enjoy a variety of virtual and real-world utilities.

The first NFT effort to adorn the Fitness Metaverse will be a collection called ‘Gym Aesthetics.’ It will include a collection of playable and utility-based NFTs inspired by Gym Aesthetics’ garment lines, as well as brand ambassadors including four-time Muay Thai World Champion Alain Ngalani. These NFTs will not only be useful inside the Fitness Metaverse Land of The Sandbox, but they will also be compatible with other OliveX programs, allowing for additional benefits. 

The collection’s OG Presale begins on June 20, followed by the Whitelist Presale on June 21, the Public Sale on June 22, and the all-important reveal day on June 24. Each NFT will set you back $150 in $DOSE.

Once established, Dustland Runner and Dustland Rider users will be able to use their earned $DOSE to purchase NFT avatars and apparel from the Gym Aesthetics collection, as well as participate in a variety of other utility-packed events, technical upgrades, and the ability to flex some of the Fitness Metaverse’s rarest items.

Regardless of the immersive nature of the metaverse, the most important utility in life, our health, is still determined in the physical realm, which is why, in addition to its NFT efforts, the OliveX Fitness Metaverse’s core principle is to expose as many people as possible to health, fitness, and wellbeing, and encourage more people to become physically active.


The “dose token” is a new cryptocurrency that is designed to be used with the OliveX Fitness Metaverse. This cryptocurrency will allow users to purchase virtual goods and services in the fitness metaverse.

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