Exclusive CryptoBlades Themed NFT Sale by Cryptomeda

The team behind Cryptomeda has created the first fully functional NFT “CryptoBlade.” They wanted to create an experience that would be both fun and educational for the users, who are also CryptoMeda’s community members.

Cryptomeda has released a crypto-themed NFT for sale on their marketplace. The item is called “cryptoblades”, and it’s an exclusive item that was created by Cryptomeda.


CryptoBladers, we have some great news from our partner Cryptomeda about an unique NFT solution designed by our CEO Philip Devine! Crytpomeda’s marketplace will be used to sell the NFT. This is the first step in collaborating to produce NFTs that are inspired by partners and cross-games!

The goal of this agreement is to benefit all of our Metaverse’s gamers and partners. This aligns with our intentions for the upcoming CryptoBlades marketplace, as well as our galaxy vision for Omnus as a huge, interoperable Metaverse in which our partners’ NFTs may be used across games (and chains).

“Once minted, NFTs generated by our team will become playable in all of our gaming platforms, with the purpose of allowing it to be utilized in the rest of our own and partner’s games as well,” Cryptomeda explains. CryptoBlades is leading the Metaverse assault, with the first NFT release scheduled for next week (February 7th). The CryptoBlades release will ensure that one NFT is made accessible for each gaming project throughout the length of the project.”

Connect your MetaMask or Walletconnect wallet to the Cryptomeda Marketplace on their website and ready your $TECH tokens for purchase if you want to get your hands on this limited edition NFT: https://cryptomeda.tech/marketplace

Check out Cryptomeda’s website and Twitter for additional information!

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The “cryptoblades payout” is a new cryptocurrency that has been created by Cryptomeda. The currency is exclusive and themed with the CryptoBlades game.

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