Ethernity Raises $20 Million to Build out its Ecosystem

Ethernity is a platform that uses tokenization of assets to create unique digital worlds. The company has raised $20 million in funding and recently released its first game, Etherbots on the Ethereum network, which aims to bring all types of gaming together into one place.

The “ethernity chain investors” is a company that has raised $20 million to build out its ecosystem. The company is building an Ethereum-based blockchain platform for decentralized applications.

Ethernity, a celebrity-focused NFT protocol, has secured an incredible $20 million in its newest round of early financing. As a consequence, it will broaden its activities to include more Web3 items.

The funds were obtained from a variety of sources, including private investors, venture capital firms, and blockchain startups. Many people contributed, including Thomas Vu, Michael Rubin, Black Edge Capital, Ripple, Algorand, and Polygon Studios, among others. As a consequence, Ethernity has formed Ethernal Labs, a new division of operations that will oversee the company’s whole Web3 development.

World of GM!

February 10, 2022 — Ethernal Labs (@ethernallabs)

Ethernal Labs will develop a comprehensive set of NFT and blockchain apps, transforming the platform from a single marketplace to a whole Web3 ecosystem. Several markets, celebrity fan tokens, avatars, an open metaverse, and a whole play-to-earn gaming environment are all in the works.

Ethernal Labs will also collaborate with the Ethernity Chain’s native token to keep things running smoothly. As a result, $ERN will give the platform with governance and stability, opening the path for a spectacular ascent in the following year.

Learn more about Ethernal Labs >> Here


The “ethernity” is a cryptocurrency that is focused on building out its ecosystem. The “ethernity medium” has been set up to help facilitate the development of the platform and provide an avenue for new ideas.

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