Estée Lauder to Offer Free Skin Serum NFT at Metaverse Fashion Week

Estée Lauder has announced they will be offering a free skin serum NFT to anyone who attends their upcoming Metaverse Fashion Week. The beauty company is partnering with the blockchain platform for an extravagant fashion show featuring over 500 pieces of clothing and accessories from around the world, including some never seen before by the public.

The “wearable nft marketplace” is a new project from Estée Lauder and Metaverse Fashion Week. The project will offer free skin serum NFTs to the first 100 participants in New York City at the event.

The first Metaverse Fashion Week (DMFW) in Decentraland looks to have no plans to end its famous line-up list, as American cosmetics major Estée Lauder has already confirmed their participation in the virtual celebration.

As you would expect, applying face cream, make-up, and spraying perfume aren’t exactly activities associated with a traditional catwalk presentation, which is why the female beauty company is skipping the runway and instead giving a range of free NFTs via a serum-inspired experience.

Estée Lauder has built a building-sized ‘bottle’ based on their flagship, Advanced Night Repair Serum, which fashionistas may further enter to obtain a free NFT at an undetermined location during the event. The NFT will act as a face cream to elevate the complexion of the recipient’s avatar, leaving its virtual skin gleaming and beautiful after application, much as the brand’s goods do in the actual world. 

As you’d expect in a Fashion Week, and through participation from the likes of Tommy Hilfiger, Dolce & Gabbana, Selfridges, and more, the event, which takes place between March 24th and March 27th, will host ample opportunity for fans to satisfy their stylistic kicks and receive corresponding fashion NFTs whilst doing so.

With this in mind, Estée Lauder’s unique launch basically fills a vacuum in the event’s market, as attendees will now be able to polish out their luxury aesthetic by consulting the quality of Estée Lauder and its avatar face cream NFT to match their new fashion buys.

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