ENS Four Digit Domains Send the NFT World into a Frenzy

NFTs are the future of digital assets and they’ve been taking over in recent months. In April, Ethereum users were able to register domain names with four digits (e.g.,
testnet.eth) which caused a frenzy on social media as people tried to figure out what was going on before someone came along with an expletive-laden rant about how this would never work while simultaneously laughing at their own joke because you just knew someone would be exploiting it by that point. Needless to say, developers have been working hard trying not only to enable ENS subdomains but also avoid any unintended consequences that could result from miscreants abusing these new features for nefarious purposes now!

The “how to sell nft tokens” is a question that has been asked by many people. The ENS Four Digit Domains have caused a frenzy in the world of NFTs and blockchain.

Move aside, bored apes, and strange pixelated owls, for a whole new kind of item has swept the Ethereum world by storm. The Ethereum Naming Service (ENS) and its restricted set of numerical domain names are all the rage these days.

The NFT world has gone crazy about ENS’ flagship product, as though comprehending that three and four-digit digits are in short supply. .eth domain names with personal usefulness that are totally based on the blockchain.

It’s unclear what triggered this recent purchasing frenzy, considering ENS has been selling its products since 2017. The flurry of activity, on the other hand, sees people bending over themselves to get their hands on the hottest numbers in town. As a consequence, iconic digits like 007.eth, 555.eth, and, most likely, 6969.eth have all gotten a lot of attention.

As investors pick up three and four-digit domains, the daily transaction volume of @ensdomains NFTs on OpenSea has surpassed that of @BoredApeYC. https://t.co/CKmJyJg43h by @oknightcrypto

— April 28, 2022, CoinDesk (@CoinDesk)

With the new technology emerging, it appears that people are willing to gamble on the future of these domains, comparing the current hysteria to the original internet boom, which sent ENS rocketing up the rankings, registering over $1 million in activity in just a single day. With the new technology emerging, it appears that people are willing to gamble on the future of these domains, comparing the current hysteria with the original internet boom.

Consider how radically life changed for people who registered domain names such as maxpower.com or iamchucknorris.com in 1996. As a result, ENS has witnessed a 129 percent rise in domain registrations but just a 7 percent increase in active names.

A conspiracy of owners has formed the 10k club for owners of the desired NFTs to congratulate themselves on their purchases, apparently glossing over the reality that there are likely 11k of them.

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