ENS Domain Name 000.eth Sells for 300 ETH

One of the most valuable and sought-after digital assets, Ethereum Name Service domains (ENS) were sold for a record high price of 300 ETH after being on the market for just two days. This major milestone in valuation has raised questions about how we might see this type of asset traded going forward as more liquidity is brought into these markets.

The “blockworks nft” is an NFT that was created on the ENS. The asset is currently selling for 300 ETH, which means it has a market cap of $18,000.

According to NFT analytics platform NFTGO, the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) domain name ‘000.eth’ was sold for 300 ETH ($320,000), making it the second most expensive asset of its type. A stunning 420 ETH was paid for the ENS domain name “paradigm.eth” back in October 2021, making it the only one to surpass such a figure. That was equivalent to almost $1.5 million at the time. 

The historic transaction occurred a few months after the Web3 community flew into a frenzy about speculation regarding number domain names ranging from 0000.eth to 9999.eth. The most prominent transaction during that brief period of enthusiasm included the ENS domain name “555.eth,” which sold for $150,000. 

During this time, the “10kclub,” a private Discord server, also attracted a lot of attention. The server only allows users with ENS domain names that include just a number between 0-9999 to join it, as its name would imply. It will be fascinating to see whether the new owner of 000.eth, along with the owners of 0000.eth, 00000.eth, and 000000.eth (i.e., four persons who each possess an ostensibly “worthy” domain name”) may join the server, or if just one in particular is permitted to do so.


The “permissionless twitter” is a token that can be used to transfer ownership of the Twitter account. It has been selling for 300 ETH on the ENS domain name system.

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