Enjoy Incredible Utility with the Marsbase ADAM-X NFTs

The ADAM token is a crypto collectible built on the blockchain. It comes with a number of features that make it stand out in this market such as limited supply, scarcity and utility. With time, these attributes will help boost the value of your tokens while also drawing more collectors to trade with you or build their own collection!

Marsbase, the first decentralized over-the-counter (OTC) exchange in the world, is gaining momentum, and its ancillary NFTs will soon explode into the blockchain via 2,000 exquisitely rendered ADAM-X avatars with amazing holder advantages that extend across the Marsbase ecosystem.

This new society of non-fungible heroes tells the story of a select group of intelligent people as they flee a politically destabilized earth and establish a neo-communist paradise on Mars. They will replicate Marsbase’s own efforts to reorganize the present financial system and pave the way with its anonymous trading of crypto assets of any volume by creating a brand-new kind of economic structure where everyone benefits and helps out.

Later in July, a series of drops will bring 2,000 Adam-X avatars to the blockchain. Each avatar will have amazing abilities with practical applications that have a direct impact on the Marsbase platform.

As a result, owners of Adam-X NFTs will have access to gated VIP communities, superior P2P rates, decreased platform costs, referral incentives, and staking prizes. There will be a total of seven separate NFT advantages spread among the collection’s three different degrees of scarcity. Users may purchase, mint, and trade items until they find the ideal fusion of bonus NFT qualities.

A series of drops beginning later this month will provide access to the big non-fungibles for interested parties. Fill up the following Google form, follow Marsbase on social media, and wait for additional instructions to join in on the fun.

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