Enjin Rides the Cutting Edge with Launch of Efinity Parachain

As a popular gaming platform and development community, Enjin has been at the forefront of blockchain adoption. Now they have made strides with their latest launch – Efinity Parachain. The new update allows for high-quality crypto collectibles to be created on the Enjin network without being limited by depth or scarcity within one game world.

The “Enjin Rides the Cutting Edge with Launch of Efinity Parachain” is a news article about Enjin’s newest blockchain, Efinity. This article discusses how the new blockchain is a fork of the Jade Protocol.

Enjin, a perennial NFT innovator, has launched its newest game-changing innovation. Efinity is finally online after years of study, development, grit, and bloody mindedness.

Efinity hopes to herald in a new age of scalability by using Polkadot’s extremely efficient parachain technology. This will be accomplished by creating an environment that will be able to support all 3.1 billion players on the planet. While doing so, a very adaptable cross-chain experience is enabled, which supports a large-scale operation.

@Polkadot has gone live with the Metaverse.

#Efinity was released after years of hard research and development!

For the Enjin community and the larger NFT ecosystem, this is a watershed moment.

https://t.co/3IgU2ZZPcV #Enjin $ENJ $EFI #Polkadot pic.twitter.com/0T0A7Gfbvl #Enjin $ENJ $EFI #Polkadot pic.twitter.com/0T0A7Gfbvl

We’re Hiring! — Enjin (@enjin) 12th of March, 2022

Efinity has secured over 100 games and dapps to join in the initiative as of the launch, with additional agreements in the works that will be revealed in the following weeks. The out-of-the-box NFT solution will provide users with a permissionless way to move assets across the metaverse.

To begin, Efinity will concentrate on basic functionality and chain stability, starting with low transaction fees to allow it to perform testing and benchmarks without jeopardizing security. Efinity will subsequently enable Crowdloan members to start collecting their EFI benefits once it is stable and trustworthy, all building up to the ultimate construction of an immortal Efinity metaverse.

Learn more about Efinity >> Here


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