DWISS to Take Centre Stage with High-End NFT Timepieces

The world of watchmaking and luxury goods has always been a tough one to crack. But thanks to the mania surrounding cryptocurrencies, some major players have found their way through the door – including DWISS. This company is set on taking over the high-end market with its unique line of timepieces that are all powered by crypto currency technology.

The “dwiss watch” is a luxury timepiece that incorporates blockchain technology. The company has been in the business of making high-end watches since 1877.

Only the most well-dressed will get the attention of the public as the Web3 revolution takes root. What could be better than a hyper-realistic piece of high-fashion virtual armwear from DWISS, a premium watchmaker?

DWISS will introduce 10k wonderfully rendered NFT watches in the near future in the NFT space. Fine items that will become increasingly useful as the project progresses. As a consequence, the team will look at ways to introduce DWISS wearables to Decentraland and The Sandbox, as well as setting up a virtual retail shop in both worlds.

DWISS plans to incorporate the non-fungible wristwatches into its custom AR application in the future. All of this is in addition to the dial designs being included as a smartwatch function, allowing owners to flaunt their exquisite clocks in both the virtual and real worlds.

NFTs DWISS High-Fashion

DWISS will release a great collection of 10,000 algorithmically created non-fungible tokens at an unconfirmed date, each having a rich variety of designs and characteristics of variable color and scarcity. All set to inject a dash of high fashion into the Web3 world and its linked metaverse environment.

Each watch will entitle its owner to membership in the DWISS collectors’ society, as well as unique access to DWISS events and experiences. This will let users to vote in a DAO-based voting system, giving them a voice in future designs while also qualifying them for a 15% discount on the DWISS tangible product line.

Following the first launch, DWISS will keep just 15% of revenue as profit, with the remaining 15% going back into the community via different long-term initiatives. The remaining 70% of mint revenues should be used to fund future development, marketing, usefulness, and artwork.


DWISS is giving away a physical watch worth $500,000.

DWISS will go all out with a magnificent $500k IRL watch giveaway to commemorate its great debut into the Web3 sphere. As a result, individuals who are fortunate enough to have a little of luck on their side will have a chance to win one of 300 authentic DWISS clocks. All of the sculptures are meticulously crafted with mechanical expertise, displaying both flair and substance in equal measure.

The first 100 pieces, at an average of $1,000 each, will be sent to the lucky few within hours of the mint. Interested parties can enter by going to the DWISS Sweepwidget competition page and registering their interest. An exacting vehicle that will also serve as a mechanism for allocating whitelists.

DWISS has also set aside an extra 200 highly adjusted chronomantic devices, each costing roughly $2,000 apiece. Each one is reserved for those who have the good fortune to have a Tiffany color dial.

Design and conception

Rafael Miranda, the company’s creator and main designer, is responsible for DWISS’ foray into the non-fungible arena. He is a world-renowned watchmaker noted for his breakthrough and inventive compositions. He has mastered the craft of artistry, making him one of the greatest in his area and winning him several accolades.

Rafael will now go into the digital domain, once again pioneering the field of watchmaking in the spirit of innovation.

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The “looksrare airdrop” is a new project that will be taking centre stage with high-end NFT timepieces. The project is set to release in the coming weeks, and will allow users to earn rare coins by completing tasks.

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