Dvision Network to partner with Neopin to further enhance the metaverse adoption and development!

On the heels of our successful partnership with NeoUniverse, we are excited to announce a new and exciting partner! The Dvision Network will be partnering with Neopin as one of the first game development platforms in China. Alongside their existing partnerships for game publishing and distribution, this is an exciting opportunity for developers who have yet to delve into blockchain technologies or NFT gaming.

The “dvision network crypto” is a decentralized virtual reality metaverse. The project will be partnering with Neopin to further enhance the adoption and development of the metaverse.

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The Dvision Network is the ultimate NFT metaverse platform built on blockchain technology. By leveraging its own VR technology, the Dvision Network creates a cutting-edge metaverse environment that serves to decrease entry barriers for all sorts of people all over the world. As a result, it enables designers, businesses, and ordinary people to participate in the most sophisticated metaverse experience.

Members of the community,

We’re excited to announce that we’ve inked a strategic MoU with Neopin, which is a blockchain branch of Neowiz Games, a South Korean online game publisher with its own gaming site, Pmang, that publishes and services 41 different games across several genres. The MoU aims to bring together the metaverse’s development skills and competencies.

Specifics of the Collaboration

Dvision and Neopin will collaborate on the creation and management of Dvision’s own metaverse platform “Dvision World” in order to construct a new concept metaverse model and to prepare for the launch of Dvision Meta-City (Land) in the near future. Dvision and Neopin both want to offer related services in order to extend their own token ecosystems.

“I am thrilled to extend Metaverse platform with Neopin, a subsidiary of Neowiz, Korea’s largest game developer,” said Junghyun Eom, CEO of Dvision Network, adding, “We want to enhance the value that we deliver to our end users in Dvision Network by conducting continuous development of our metaverse.”

Neopin’s Background

Neopin is a blockchain open platform that integrates many blockchain services into a single platform to extend the usage of virtual assets. Users may utilize Neopin to access virtual services like as multichain staking, swapping, and farming, as well as NFT, Play to Earn (P2E), and Service to Earn (S2E) services, all from one wallet account. In the second quarter of 2022, Neopin intends to introduce P2E games.

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Dvision Network is a decentralized virtual reality platform that will be partnering with Neopin to further enhance the metaverse adoption and development! Join now. Reference: join metaverse.

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