Dvision Network Launches Unprecedented “Diamond NFT Reward” with CoinMarketCap!

Dvision Network is excited to announce that their first token, Diamond (DDC), has been listed on CoinMarketCap! They have launched a new limited edition reward structure for DDC holders. The program offers tangible rewards and experiences. This will be the launch of many more innovative activities in 2019 as we continue to make progress towards our goals with this groundbreaking technology!.

The “polychain islands release date” is the upcoming NFT project from dvision. The project will be based on a decentralized exchange and launch with CoinMarketCap!

What is the Diamond Rewards Feature on CoinMarketCap?

The CoinMarketCap Diamond Reward is a new tool that enables Dapps to connect with consumers and create campaigns that benefit both sides. Users with “Diamonds” on CoinMarkerCap may use them to purchase NFT, Avatars, Mystery Boxes, and other items. Diamonds may be collected on CoinMarketCap by doing everyday tasks like as logging in every day, engaging in airdrops, and providing price forecasts.




The most precious asset in Dvision’s world is LAND NFT, which is also known to our users as “Meta-Space” and may be obtained and held only by users in metaverse space. The LAND in Dvision Metaverse is a digital piece of a virtual estate registered as NFT (ERC-721 / BEP-721). Take a look at the product use cases if you’re wondering what kind of content you can make with your LAND:

  • Make your own games.
  • Produce useful material.
  • Host events & conferences
  • By charging entrance and running advertising campaigns, you may earn DVI tokens.

Being one among the first to use LAND NFT and owning it in the Dvision Metaverse will allow you to generate important content and book the greatest sites in the largest Meta-Cities, such as Seoul and New York, as well as the recently announced ones, Tokyo and London.

The Meta-Space is the real LAND that is shown inside the Dvision Metaverse and is, in fact, an essential component of any Meta-City. The Meta-Space is a place where anyone can make their virtual dreams a reality by creating their own content without any practical constraints. In Dvision Metaverse, the LAND is a digital piece of a virtual estate that is recorded as NFT (ERC-721 or BEP-721). Due to the scarcity of the digital components of the virtual estate, each Meta-City will have a restricted amount of LAND, capped at 200,000 parcels.

Because it is offered as a ready-to-create platform, the LAND may be used for almost any sort of content. This area of the virtual estate may be utilized to generate an infinite number of different types of content. Your content might be the next great thing in the Dvision Metaverse, and you’ll be able to earn in DVI tokens by establishing your Meta-admission Space’s costs. You may also rent out your LAND to a prospective content producer to enable him to use your space, or you can let third-party business providers to run advertising campaigns on your Meta-Space.



Users of the Dvision Network may receive a wearable item and utilize it as NFT in one of the Dvision’s meta cities thanks to a special limited edition of CoinMarketCap Hoodies developed for the Diamond Campaign distribution. Hoodies were inspired by the CoinMarketCap logo, which indicates where and how the Hoodies were received.

Users’ avatars in Dvision’s Metaverse may be changed according to their tastes. The fear of branded things causes a surge in demand from a large audience, driving up the price of NFTs on secondary platforms like Reliable and Dvision Network’s own marketplace. As a result, don’t miss out on one of the best wearing products in the Dvision Metaverse.

Note: You must first register on Dvision’s website in order to get your CoinMarketCap Land NFTs. During the NFT Reward Campaign, users may claim exclusive NFT Lands and Hoodies. Make sure you complete all of the steps listed below:

  1. Create a Dvision.app account.

2. Send CoinMarketCap the BSC- or Polygon-supported wallet address (BSC for Hoodies, Polygon for LANDs).

3. NFTs will be delivered within 7 days after the NFT reward campaign’s conclusion.

Please keep in mind that only those who follow us on the social media networks listed below will be eligible for NFT rewards:

Dvision Network’s “Diamond NFT Reward” is a new cryptocurrency reward system that offers participants an unprecedented opportunity to earn Dvision tokens. Participants can also use the platform to trade their Dvision tokens for Bitcoin and Ethereum at competitive rates. Reference: how to play polychain monsters.

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