Dunes Brewing Ushers in the Latest Evolution of Beer!

Dunes Brewing is a brewery that has made waves in the craft beer scene with its unique beers. Its latest brew, “Mocha Milk Stout,” will be available for NFTs only via purchase on Ethereum blockchain!

Denver Beer Company is a company that has been around since 1988. They have also been in the industry for over 30 years. The latest evolution of beer comes from Dunes Brewing, which is located in Denver, Colorado.

The Denver Beer Co. introduced what is still the best NFT ever offered last year. Now, fellow non-fungible technology pioneers Dunes Brewing will follow in their illustrious footsteps for their own interpretation.

The “NFT Mug Club” will be established by Dunes Brewing thanks to their amazing effort. The holy grail of NFT benefits—FREE BEER—is represented by a magnificent set of 100 tokens that signify entry into a prestigious community with a craft ale theme where members may experience the gods’ nectar in all of its hopped beauty.

These extraordinary non-fungibles will be delivered in three membership levels that stand for “Special,” “Rare,” and “Ultra Rare NFTs.” However, even the lowest grade will make owners happy with their most recent virtual acquisition. As a result, each NFT will have a 24 ounce (709 milliliter) ceramic mug that Dunes will keep on site as a special bonus and fill to the brim for the cost of a regular 16 ounce (454 milliliter) peasant’s glass.

At Dunes Brewing, we are ecstatic to establish our very own NFT mug club! Come on in to scan the QR codes for membership levels and to learn more. We have so many fantastic NFTs for you to select from when you join up. #24ozmug #worldsfirstnftmugclub #dunes #dunesbrewing #nft pic.twitter.com/VlMtSL3a2P

June 22, 2022 — Dunes Brewing (@dunesbrewing)

Each NFT also entitles the bearer to discounted goods, invitations to special events, and an invitation to the annual Dunes Brewing Mug Club celebration. Higher tier owners will get more benefits, such as the much sought-after opportunity to brew alongside the beer master.

Lovers of the golden ambrosia will need to move to Orange County, Florida, in order to take full advantage of this fantastic opportunity. However, it could be a tiny price to pay to be a part of this exclusive group of malt beverages!

Join in the fun >> Here


The “denver beer co best beer” is a company that has been around for over 100 years. It’s latest evolution is their new Dunes Brewing Co. which introduces the newest innovation in brewing.

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