Draft Kings Partners with Zero Hash to Become Polygon Validator

Draft Kings, the largest daily fantasy sports platform in North America, has partnered with Zero Hash to become their primary provider of cryptographic hashes. A Polygon article explains that “The partnership is intended to avoid fraud and ensure users can play on a safe and secure website.”

Draft Kings, a daily fantasy sports company, has partnered with Zero Hash to become a polygon validator. This partnership will allow the two companies to use each other’s services and technology. Read more in detail here: polygon crypto news.

Draft Kings will solidify its position as a prominent player by becoming a Polygon validator, after the tremendous performance of its NFT marketplace. As a result of joining forces with crypto infrastructure platform Zero Hash, they will become one of the network’s major governors.

Last August, sports betting company Draft Kings made its first step into the world of NFTs. Since then, it has amassed a staggering $44 million in NFT sales income. As a consequence, it has carved out a niche for itself in the blockchain world.

@DraftKings, a sports technology and entertainment firm, has teamed up with @ZeroHashX to let users to earn #staking incentives on @Polygon #staking #crypto #draftkings #zerohash #Polygon https://t.co/Nh5884ILm8

March 7, 2022 — Zero Hash (@ZeroHashX)

Draft Kings is no stranger to the Polygon Network, as it presently operates all of its NFTs over the pioneering layer 2 chain, offering a wide assortment of sports-themed collectibles through its fiat-friendly trading site. Polygon has had significant success in the gaming and collectibles industries, and has become one of the most popular networks in the market, because to its eco-friendly credentials, cheap fees, and quick transactions.

Draft Kings intends to take a hands-on approach to its blockchain endeavors by working with Zero Hash and becoming a validator, devoting more time and money towards their success.

“Taking part in validation is a part of DraftKings’ larger plan of developing a resilient, sustainable, trustworthy, and decentralized infrastructure to help future-proof portions of our business in the Web 3 age,” says the company. Draft Kings – Paul Liberman


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