Domingo Zapata and Sita Abellan Launch Iconic Panda NFT Collection

Domingo Zapata and Sita Abellan have partnered to launch a new collection of limited edition cards with iconically-designed panda NFTs. The collection is available for purchase at the artists’ website, but buyers can also receive additional items like signed posters by purchasing Iconic Panda as an asset on INTRO.

Domingo Zapata, a world-renowned Spanish artist, has joined up with fashion icon Sita Abellan to develop an Ethereum-based collection of 8888 Panda NFTs.

In June 2022, Zapata’s famed panda art series, which is held by celebrities and collectors all across the world, will be released on the Web3, with auctions following in June.

Sita, a well-known techno DJ and fashionista, will custom create 50 Pandas, which are part of Zapata’s most renowned collection.

Sita, a well-known figure, has asked several of her well-known acquaintances, including Balvin and Anitta, to participate in the minting process. Sita will design unique Panda NFTs inspired by these artists, which they will be the owners of.

Sita Abellan (left) and Domingo Zapata (right) (Right)

“Domingo is an artist I’ve admired for many years, someone who pushes limits and moves between the conventional and cutting edge, as well as a fellow Spaniard,” Sita remarked.

“This is my first foray into the metaverse, but it was a fantastic experience for me, allowing me to apply my real-world style abilities to the digital realm.” I’m thrilled to do more in this area because it seems like it’s pushing the boundaries, which is something I’m constantly looking for.”

Zapata, a Neo-expressionist, has a prestigious reputation, and his Mona Lisa Bullfighter was recently auctioned for over $1 million USD by Sotheby’s.

The well-known artist has worked on a number of fashion projects with well-known labels and has designed lines for the New York and Los Angeles fashion weeks.

Zapata worked with Pope Francis on a painting honoring immigrants in 2018. He also just finished a 45-foot mural for the Cohen Children’s Medical Center in New York City, which is the biggest mural ever painted in a children’s hospital.

1654049797_548_Domingo-Zapata-and-Sita-Abellan-Launch-Iconic-Panda-NFT-CollectionNFTs with two Pandas J Balvin (left) and Anitta (right) are two Latin music stars for whom Sita has dressed (Right)

“I’ve been a great admirer of Sita for many, many years,” Zapata added. She is awe-inspiring and amazing. There are no words to convey how talented she is when it comes to style.”

“Working with her is a privilege for me. The end effect is just what I had hoped for. “Absolutely amazing.” 

The cooperation of two modern-day creative giants promises to be remarkable. Sita has previously worked with high-profile companies like Fendi and Nike, as well as celebrities like Kim Kardashian and J Balvin. 

She recently designed the video for Brazilian diva Annita’s ‘Boys Don’t Cry,’ which has racked up 15 million YouTube views.

The Domingo X Sita website will be updated with release dates for the Panda NFT series, as well as information on how to acquire your own NFT.

The project may also be followed on Twitter and Instagram.

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