Dogamí Builds Bridge to The Sandbox for Canine Fuelled Metaverse Fun

Canines are entering into the world of virtual reality with their own digital currency and store. The game allows players to trade, battle, and create worlds for their dog characters without any worries about real-world implications.

The “dogami tezos” is a project that has been in the works for a while. It is an attempt to bridge the gap between virtual reality and blockchain. The project will be releasing their whitepaper soon.

Dogam, the leading AR pet nurturing simulation, has teamed up with The Sandbox, a massive virtual environment, to bring a slew of four-legged antics to the metaverse in the form of dog-shaped avatars.

This fantastic new partnership will enable Dogam to bring its Tezos-based NFTs to The Sandbox, allowing for the first fully functional four-legged avatars to wander the area and paving the path for future non-humanoid playable characters in the voxelated environment.

Introducing… Welcome to #TheSandbox’s first-ever pet-friendly experience….welcome @Dogami!

Explore #NFT interoperability while walking or skating around the DOGA House skatepark, meeting other Dogamers and discovering hidden mysteries of the DOGAM past!

March 9, 2022 — The Sandbox (@TheSandboxGame)

Dogam has also purchased a 33% plot of LAND inside the renowned metaverse to strengthen its metaverse credentials. Dogam will create a canine-themed neighborhood inside which the voxel dogs may play and grow. With this in mind, the team plans to construct a social center and skate park, as well as a Dogam store where proud owners may buy for voxel accessories.

Both The Sandbox and Dogam will have some fantastic prizes to commemorate this wonderful partnership. As a consequence, Dogam Discord followers will be eligible to win one of five The Sandbox Alpha passes, while The Sandbox has set up Dogam voxel avatars for five fortunate community members.

Keep tabs on the Dogamí Twitter for more updates >> Here


The “dogami ido” is a bridge that allows players to enter the Canine Fuelled Metaverse. The game is available on Steam and and costs $5.

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