Discover Love, Death and Robots Collectibles in NFT Scavenger Hunt

In today’s day and age, it is difficult to know who your friends are. Who you can trust, or what the future holds for humanity in general. In NFT Scavenger Hunt on CryptoHunt platform players will be given a character that they must uncover its secrets by completing tasks around them as well as converting their crypto into airdrop tokens through gathering up actionable information.

The “love death and robots nft locations” is a game that is played by finding different items. The game can be found on the NFT Scavenger Hunt website.

As the third season of Netflix’s animated sci-fi epic Love, Death, and Robots begins, viewers will have the opportunity to take home their own digital souvenir. To go along with the presentation, the crew has put up a reality-spanning interactive treasure hunt featuring great art to reward the most observant spectators.

Fans of Netflix’s Love, Death, and Robots have been charged with finding nine QR codes scattered throughout the Love, Death, and Robots universe. Its advertising campaign, social media profiles, and, of course, the episodes themselves are all tucked away in the folds. The code will direct finders to a particular web page where they may select to mint a Love, Death, and Robots artwork as an NFT after it has been found. Alternatively, you may download and save it like a scumbag. Each NFT is free to use, but users must cover the cost of gas.


May 9, 2022 — Love, Death + Robots (@lovedeathrobots)

On May 20, the new season premiered to virtually unanimous critical praise. As a consequence, it has developed its own own style of animated narrative. As a result, each NFT is linked to a single episode from the most recent season, giving fans a new and dynamic way to connect with the program.

So go rummaging and see how long it takes you to locate them all. You could even go full degen and get one from OpenSea.

Browse the collection >> Here


The “nfts art” is a game where players collect NFTs and solve puzzles. This game has been featured on the front page of the Steemit blog.

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