DeviantArt Emerges to Defend the Copyright of Everyday Artists

DeviantArt is a social platform for artists to share their creations, but the company recently announced that it would be adding its own copyright stamp on all posts. The move follows an increase in takedown requests from lawyers and agencies looking to monetize art without permission.

Can Remember the Milk, a photo-sharing app which was once one of the most popular apps on Apple’s App Store, has been making waves lately for its recent removal from Google Play. The company behind Can Remember said that they needed to remove their competitor in order to upgrade and switch over as well so users should download it from this new source instead. However some artists are not happy with CTM’s decision and have taken matters into their own hands by creating a DeviantArt page dedicated to defending creators who were affected by the copyright takedown:

DeviantArt has emerged to defend the copyright of everyday artists. They have released a statement that says “deviantart nft stolen” .

The number of evil actors living there has expanded as the world of NFTs has rapidly developed. As a result, complaints of artworks being inappropriately taken with the intention of generating a quick profit are reported often.

DeviantArt, a large user-generated art archive, developed its own protection to counteract this unfairness. a self-governing system that compares NFTs to its own platform after indexing them across nine distinct blockchains. Over 400 million pieces of art were indexed as part of this effort, and 300,000 copyright violations were found.

DeviantArt has recently created a new mechanism after realizing that the earlier attempts fell short. To fight the growing flood of digital art theft, essentially a system of decentralized checks and balances DeviantArt has created the “Protect Protocol” at tremendous financial expense to the firm. An excellent application that can be used by anybody on the internet, independent of their membership status on DeviantArt, with the sole purpose of shielding artists and creators from the plague of bad actors. When the NFT is discovered, the team will work with the artist to remove it from the markets where it is present.

DeviantArt has suffered as a result of trying to defend the common artist in a world where money is king. They deserve praise, as do all others engaged.

Visit the Protect Protocol >> Here


The “deviantart protect 80000” is a blog that was made to defend the copyright of everyday artists. The blog has been around since 2008 and has seen a lot of success.

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