DeFi Land Seed NFT Mint: How, When, and Why?

There is an emerging market for NFTs, which will create a new type of economy. This article discusses what DeFi Land Seed has to offer in the space and how it plans on getting involved with the ecosystem.

The “defi land tutorial” is a guide to the DeFi Land Seed NFT Mint. The tutorial covers how, when, and why to use DeFi Land.


The following is a rundown of our Seed NFT drop. Click here to read the rest of our NFT story.

The excitement for our unique Seed NFTs, which will be your keys to unlocking the future of Play-To-Earn in DeFi Land, has blown us away. Soon, you may be the proud owner of a fine fishing rod, hunting rifle, lovely pet, or harvester that earns prizes by playing our addictive mini-games. Our staff has been working hard to guarantee a seamless and equitable distribution for both the whitelist and public sales as the anticipation rises. Here are some tips to help you get ready for mint day:

Make a note in your calendars and set your alarm clocks. We anticipate them to sell out quickly!

Website for DeFi Land on Wednesday, February 9, 2022

  • 7:00 UTC-15:00 UTC Whitelist We’ve set aside an eight-hour timeframe to provide our whitelist members plenty of time to mint their seeds.
  • 15:00 UTC: Public Sale
  • 7500 seeds are available in total.

After the primary auction has ended, the seeds may be exchanged on Magic Eden instantly.

The mint costs 2 SOL per seed. Then, over the next 30 days, you may irrigate your seed in-game with 50 to 150 DFL every day to increase the number and rarity of NFTs received.

Planting Date: Your seeds will be planted on February 15th. This will allow you to discover how the process works and collect the DFL you’ll need to water. You may also purchase and sell seeds on Magic Eden before the seed planting date.


In the public beta, were you one of the top 1000 DeFi Landers? Have you won a whitelist giveaway from us or one of our wonderful partners? If that’s the case, congrats! You’ve been given an eight-hour window to visit the mint before the public sale on February 9th. Yes, we’re referring to a physical ticket. All WL members will get an NFT ticket that qualifies them for the whitelist sale.

Over the past week, demand for our whitelist has exploded, and we’re thrilled to have everyone on board. We do, however, wish to provide new members the opportunity to participate in a competitive public auction. To guarantee a fair allocation, we’ve set the following limits on whitelist sales:

  • During the whitelist auction, the top 1000 DeFi Landers may buy up to three seeds (snapshot taken on Feb 1st)
  • During the whitelist sale, all other community whitelist wallets may buy up to two seeds.

Please visit our website to double-check your whitelist status. Thank you for being such an important part of our community!

Our first objective in ensuring a fair distribution was to ensure that our faithful DeFi Landers and community partners received whitelist places. Over the past week, demand for our whitelist has exploded, and we’re thrilled to have everyone on board. We do, however, wish to provide new members the opportunity to participate in a competitive public auction. We’re restricting whitelist members to two seeds to guarantee that there are seeds left over after the whitelist purchases. The public sale is where the remaining seeds may be acquired.

The drop of the Gen-0 NFT is intended to be a one-of-a-kind and gamified event. Buying the seed is important, but caring for your plant for the whole 30-day watering period is much more important. Don’t worry, you’ll have until February 14 to learn about the procedure and how to get the most out of your prizes. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • In DeFi Land, you may sow an unlimited amount of seeds. You may spend up to 150 DFL tokens every day to irrigate each seed. You will qualify for higher levels if you water your plant on a regular basis. Earning a higher tier will result in more benefits.
  • A single seed that hasn’t been watered will yield one NFT with a decreased chance of becoming a rare item.
  • With maximal watering, a single seed will yield four NFTs with an increased chance of acquiring uncommon goods. You’ll gain the fishing rod, hunting rifle, pet, and harvester as a result of this.
  • Is this the icing on the cake? We’re going to burn all of the DFL tokens we got from irrigation.

All of the specifics of our gamified NFT drop and tier system can be found here.

Are you new to DeFi Land? Join our communities and become a member of our family! For a few fortunate new members, there may be a few last-minute whitelist places and prizes available.

DeFi Land Seed is a new project that aims to provide a better experience for users of the Ethereum network. The project will be releasing its own token, which will be used to pay for transaction fees and other costs. This article discusses how, when, and why DeFi Land Seed decided to create their own token. Reference: defi land raydium.

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