Def Squad Transcends the Physical with Metaverse-Ready Varsity Jacket

The Def Squad Varsity Jacket is the first connected jacket. The design, which uses a blockchain to store data and allow communication with other users in the Metaverse, has sparked debate among artists who want their work to be on this platform.

The “metafactory genesis bomber jacket” is a piece of clothing that can be used to simulate the experience of wearing a virtual reality headset. The jacket has sensors and LEDs embedded in it, which makes it possible for users to interact with their environment in real time.

The classic Def Squad varsity jacket is coming to Decentraland, bringing with it a reality-spanning dose of hip-hop nostalgia. Erick Sermon, the main guy of Def Squad, will debut his own line of fashionable metaverse wearables in collaboration with Web3 artisan Dapphaus.

Erick, who works at the cutting edge of entertainment technology, wants to bring his own combination of hip hop and fashion to the virtual world. As a result, proceedings will begin on May 6 at 11 p.m. UTC with an epic virtual metaverse performance.

Sermon and Dapphaus will introduce the GenEsis line of crazy digital clothes to the rap-loving audience at the event. Each one acts as a fantastic portal to the Def Squad’s virtual presence, with airdrops, amazing events, and unlocked goodies.

I’m really thrilled to announce that on May 6th, 2022, the #DefSquad GenEsis Collection will be released exclusively in the @Decentraland #metaverse. #decentraland #wearables #nft #nftcommunity #nftcollection #defsquad #hiphop #MetaverseNFT @DefSquadmeta @dapphaus @FestivalLandVR #decentraland #wearables #nft #nftcommunity #nftcollection

April 5, 2022 — Erick Sermon (@iAmErickSermon)

Memorabilia from the Hip Hop Metaverse

Overall, the creative team will distribute 5,000 GenEsis Varsity Jackets through the Decentraland marketplace to the eager public. Each one has the original Def Squad emblem as well as one of five color schemes. Owners will become members of an elite Def Squad club with a slew of great privileges once they have it.

The first of these fantastic advantages will come in June, when the project will airdrop holders a great snap back hat and fade, while the company has promised continual prizes throughout the non-fungible venture’s existence.

Def Squad will also create its own ode to all things hip hop in the form of a big headquarters. The enormous structure, which will open later this year, will serve as a gathering spot for Decentraland aficionados and collectors to assemble and flaunt their prized Decentraland wearables. The highly coveted NFTs also provide access to a variety of hip hop-themed activities and experiences.

Decentraland is your home.

Erick Sermon will perform live in the metaverse to commemorate the introduction of the Def Squad GenEsis NFT collection, with support from his personal DJ, Diamond the Artist. Metaverse residents will be able to see the rap superstar perform in all of his hip hop splendor, as well as get a POAP for attending and, of course, be there for the big debut.

So, on May 6, at 11 p.m. UTC, get ready for some high-quality metaverse entertainment and travel down to festival land.

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The “varsity jackets mens” is a jacket that has been designed with the future in mind. The jacket is made to be Metaverse-ready and can be preordered now at Def Squad’s website for $1,000 USD.

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