Decentraland for Fashion Lovers: What to Explore and Shop

This article is meant to show you the potential use cases of decentralized gaming on the blockchain. There are countless opportunities for developers and content creators on a platform that already has millions invested in it, giving them access to market incentives.

The “fashion street decentraland” is a virtual reality world that you can explore and shop. It’s built on the Ethereum blockchain so it’s decentralized, meaning that no one owns it.

The first-ever Metaverse Fashion Week in Decentraland showcased virtual fashion and cosmetics firms. The addition of traditional retail giants to the virtual world has generated such a stir that every fashionista now knows what Decentraland is and how to get there. 

Various businesses and artists gathered the main venue during Metaverse Fashion Week to show off their creations. However, some people vanished after the catastrophe, while others remained. So let’s have a look at a selection of fashion-related destinations to visit right now.

Shop DressX

DressX is well-known among digital fashionistas, since they were one of the first to provide a digital clothing option that could be worn instantaneously via your phone lens. Decentraland welcomed the worldwide digital fashion multi-brand shop in 2021. 

By publishing a photo portfolio of its greatest items, the company entered the Boson Protocol area “Boson Portal.” 

Shop chosen styles at The DressX store in the Metajuku shopping initiative. 

94, 21 Metajuku; 82, 112 Boson Portal

Gallery of Boson Protocol

Boson Protocol made the headlines after acquiring “The Glass Suit” – a nine-piece NFT curated by marketplace UNXD. The suit is part of Dolce & Gabbana’s collection “Genesi” and was sold for 351 ETH or $1million at the time. All pieces exist both digitally and in the real world.

However, what makes a particular suit really special is the thousands of hours it took to create the perfect look using famous Venetian Murano glass, Swarovski crystals, and silk. So, while visiting Gallery of Boson Protocol, stop and take a look at its famous glass sculpture in the front.

Artwork and films documenting the suit’s production may be seen in the Gallery. It also comes with a signature drawing by Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana.

Stop to shop for digital goods on Premium Estate, near Gallery of Boson Protocol.

Location: Gallery of Boson Protocol -75, 113, Premium Estate -80, 117


Selfridges, a chain of high-end department shops that re-created its store on Decentraland, held the Metaverse Fashion Week opening event. The first department store to join Metaverse is the British retailer. Even though Fashion Week is ended, you may still go to the shop and look at the lovely Paco Rabanne NFT collection.

Address: 64, 14 Selfridges

In the Metaverse, Get Married

Well, fashion is all about love, and it seems that you may marry whoever you want in Decentraland! Closeup City Hall of Love honors love by allowing you to say yes to your love even if you are unable to do so in real life. It’s founded on a basis of love and inclusion, according to them. It provides a safe haven for couples of all types to express and celebrate their love without fear of being judged. 

You and your spouse will be able to mint your marriage NFT after a brief ceremony! In only 30 days, 183 individuals have visited the location, according to Sqube data.

Wishing you all the best in your virtual weddings!

Closeup of the City Hall of Love -18, 4


Decentraland for Fashion Lovers is a virtual reality platform that has been created to explore and shop. This article will provide some tips on how to buy clothes in decentraland.

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