Decentral Games Lands $1 Million Grant from the Decentraland DAO

The Decentraland team has landed a $1 million grant from the Decentraland DAO, which is an upcoming decentralized autonomous organization on Ethereum. This could spell big things for the game and its continued development if it can reach 1/10th of ($2M) ETH in 5 years time.

Decentral Games has received a $1 million grant from the Decentraland DAO. The company plans to use the funds to create a decentralized platform for virtual reality games and other content. Read more in detail here: decentraland price prediction 2025.

The Decentraland DAO has issued a large $1 million grant to Metaverse poker pioneers Decentral Games, distributing the cash in the native $MANA utility token, in order to enhance its $USDC – $ICE liquidity pool, after a recent hard-fought pitch. This will provide further stability as the company prepares to launch its much-anticipated ‘Sit ‘N’ Go’ competitions.

On May 20, Decentral Games presented the proposal, which sparked heated discussion among DAO members before ultimately prevailing with 59 percent of the vote on May 25. They’ll now utilize the cash to help stabilize the ICE Poker ecosystem as it prepares to launch its newest update, allocating the whole $1 million in $MANA to Quickswap staking pool prizes for the next three months.

A More Diverse $MANA Distribution

Decentraland hopes to witness further organic development as more members of the ICE Poker community become holders of the $MANA token, allowing them to participate more inside the Decentraland ecosystem, as a result of this incentive. The Decentral Games platform will also include other experiences such as metaverse events and concerts.

The proposal served as a great example of the DAO’s democratic qualities, with passionate arguments on both sides of the issue. Over 8 million Voting Points (VP) were cast in the DAO at the conclusion of the day, with 59 percent in favor of the funding distribution.

“The passage of this proposal demonstrates the Decentraland community’s support for us, as well as how significant Decentral Games has grown as a key contributor to daily active users.” These incentives will allow us to further stabilize our ecosystem in preparation for the launch of our new sit-and-go poker tournament format, which we hope will add a whole new dimension to our Decentraland venues and help us onboard thousands of new players to the fledgling metaverse.” — Decentral Games CMO Matthew Howells-Barby

A Success Story from Decentraland

Since its inception last Autumn, ICE Poker has witnessed tremendous growth, accounting for 60% of all traffic in Decentraland, with roughly 8,000 daily visitors frequenting 12 venues across 1007 pieces of land, giving a streamlined ‘free to play and earn’ gaming experience inside the metaverse. Decentral Games’ next effort, on the other hand, will provide a simpler structure aimed at attracting the next generation of metaverse poker players.

Read the full proposal >> Here


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