DappRadar Reveals Surge in Blockchain Activity in April Report

DappRadar announced a new report on April 29th, 2018 that analyzed the number of unique active dApps downloaded across all major blockchain platforms. Dapps are highly anticipated in the industry due to their potential for mass adoption, but there is also significant risk with investing as no application has yet been able to create a working blueprint or dominate one sector.

The “dappradar q3 report” is a report that was released by DappRadar. In the report, they revealed that there has been a surge in blockchain activity in April.

The April issue of DappRadar’s comprehensive blockchain reports is now available. This week, we’re focusing on the Solana Network’s spectacular development, a return to NFTs’ favor, and a spike in the Terra Network, while notable collections like Moonbirds and Otherdeeds steal the show. Continue reading for an overview of the blockchain sector’s performance in April.

Moonbirds and Solana Increase NFTs

Despite reports to the contrary in prominent periodicals, NFTs have experienced a boom in activity in the past month. As a consequence, for the third time in history, non-fungible tokens witnessed a trading volume of over $6 billion in April. Market leader OpenSea produced $3.4 billion in deals, while newcomer LooksRare generated an amazing $2.5 billion.

Solana’s meteoric growth continued unabated, with a phenomenal 91 percent gain in March numbers. Much of this may be credited to OpenSea’s foray into the network, as well as the success of NFT collectibles such as the Okay Bears and DeGods. As a consequence, $300 million in NFTs were exchanged on the extremely efficient blockchain. However, near the conclusion of the month, a seven-hour outage on the Metaplex Candy Machine caused by massive bot traffic tainted the success.

A specific group of pixelated owl collectibles is responsible for a big chunk of the NFT industry’s revival. As a result, the utility-heavy Moonbirds saw a lot of action. Since the start, the trade volume has surpassed half a billion dollars. As a result, in less than a month of operation, it became the 11th most traded NFT collection ever.

Other Misconduct Creates a Stir on the Blockchain

Another initiative on the Ethereum blockchain sent shockwaves across the industry. Yuga Labs, the company behind Bored Ape, has released what may be the most anticipated project in the blockchain age. As a consequence, Otherdeed has launched 55k parcels of land for their own NFT ecosystem, generating considerable pandemonium.

Yuga Labs received $340 million in $APE coins as payment, as well as about $21 million in secondary sale royalties, when the dust had settled. Many people were left bitterly disappointed by the decline, as gas prices increased to nearly 2.5 ETH each transaction, totaling 56 ETH ($150 million). As a consequence, Ethereum miners are in a state of pleasure.

Furthermore, the casual collectors were hurt the most by the decline, with roughly 14k unsuccessful transactions totaling around $4.5 million in fees. Yuga Labs, on the other hand, has promised to return all money to anyone who have been impacted.

DEFI Dominance is Asserted by Terra

In today’s volatile market, DeFi has continued to suffer, with essential blue-chip protocols seeing their TVL drop. As a consequence, the market as a whole fell by 12% in April, and now stands at roughly $198 billion.

Despite this, Terra’s DeFi footprint rose to 15% of the market, with a TVL of $29 billion, in striking contrast to DeFi’s overall trend, which was also followed by a number of smaller, less utilized protocols such as NEAR, Cronos, and Aurora.

Where the Magic Happens in Blockchain Games

The use of blockchain technology in video games is still a key driving factor in the business. Much of this is due to their engaging and entertaining character. As a consequence, they account for more than half of all Unique Active Wallets (UAW). BSC, Polygon, Wax, and Hive are the most active chains among those engaged. Over the previous 30 days, both Avalanche and Harmony have achieved huge advances.

The majority of the top games in the sphere have maintained their places on the blockchain gaming leaderboard. Axie Infinity and Crazy Defense Heroes, on the other hand, fell behind their rivals.

The Commercialization of Daily Life

The gamification of living interactions is one intriguing industry making waves on the blockchain. As a result, monetary incentives for people going about their daily lives. Walk-to-earn platform Stepn now leads the pack, selling NFT shoes that measure activity through an app, allowing users to earn $GST by walking, jogging, or running.

A number of other dapps are expected to follow in its footsteps and use the move-to-earn mechanism. As a consequence, Fitfi, Genopets, Dustland, Dotmoovs, and others all seem to be on the rise.

So far, NFTs are in good shape, and there’s no reason to be concerned. Expect further innovation and variety as the market develops, as developers discover new and imaginative ways to use the great technology.


The “dappRadar Reveals Surge in Blockchain Activity in April Report” is a report that was released by DappRadar. The report reveals the growth of blockchain activity in April. Reference: the growth of nfts.

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