DappRadar Releases the March Edition of its Comprehensive NFT Report

DappRadar is a recognized leader in the blockchain industry, and their track record on data collection for NFTs has been impressive. They’ve released the March edition of their report to highlight some new developments like OmiseGO and its market cap increase over the past month.

The “nft sales” is a comprehensive report that has been released by DappRadar. The report includes the top 50 dapps of March 2019.

DappRadar has released another of its well researched reports, this time identifying the three most intriguing NFT collections available. Friendships with the Invisible, 3Landers, and Cats with Tubby Tails are the three groups attracting their interest this time. Each project is doing well on the secondary market, due in part to strong foundations in the projects. So, without further ado, let’s get this party started.

Friendships with the Invisible

First up, DappRadar analyses the now notorious Friendships with the Invisible collection, possibly the most hyped PFP project the blockchain has ever seen, representing 5k unique assets that debuted on February 23 at 0.25 ETH each.

The launch went ahead without a hitch, with floor prices topping out at 12.5 ETH. However, at the time of writing, this has settled at an astounding 7.3 ETH ($18,800). A colossal sum that marks a 3,000 percent increase over the initial launch price.

Over the last 30 days, Friendships with the Invisible has seen the 14th largest trading volume of $77 million, while the top sale cashed in at a whopping 200 ETH, or a cool half a million dollars. However, future utility is for now, mostly speculative, despite coming under the same umbrella as established collections, Slim Hoods and Mood Rollers.


3Landers, a squinty-eyed cartoon invention, comes in second on the list. These 10,000 assets went live on February 21 with a mint price of 0.15 ETH and immediately became the 15th most traded collection in the previous 30 days, with $53 million in total volume. The result of a strong team with a wealth of expertise in the NFT industry.

The floor price has increased by 980 percent in the previous two weeks, showing a significant level of interest. However, measurements suggest that the unique holding ratio is just 53%, implying that major investors may have an unfavorable influence on the market.

In addition, the lack of a precise plan is a small source of worry. However, a planned ‘campfire event’ will reveal additional information about the project’s future usefulness.

DappRadar March NFT Report

Cats with Tubby Tails

Last but not least, DappRadar takes a look at Cats with Tubby Tails by The Tubby Collective. 20k unique cartoonified kitties with an unconventional creation process involving 120 various themed palettes. The initial launch caused a stir on Twitter, which has since died down considerably.

The Cats with Tubby Tails debuted at 0.1 ETH apiece, and have since quadrupled in value with the floor currently sitting at 4.1 ETH. However, despite recording almost 12k unique traders, the unique holder ratio sits at a lowly 59%.

Furthermore, the collection is operated by an undoxxed staff, has no known usefulness, and has no plan.

DappRadar March NFT Report

DappRadar’s Complete Report

DappRadar is the go-to place for the latest metrics and statistics in the crypto and NFT market. Make sure to read the whole New Dapps Report, which includes a complete examination of the NFT collections mentioned above. We anticipate to see a lot of surprising patterns and sales this year, with the NFT market garnering more attention and new significant players entering the game.

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