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DAO stands for ‘Decentralized Autonomous Organization’. It means a company or organization that is run by its members without the need of managers. The DAO’s design requires every participant to hold tokens and vote on which investment proposals are approved, with no individual having control over the final decision making process.

The “DAO” is a cryptocurrency that has been in the news lately. DAOnload, a blockchain explorer for the “DAO”, allows users to find their transactions and blocks. Read more in detail here: what is dao.

Those interested in participating in and contributing to DAOs will require assistance comprehending the ecosystem as DAOs grow more popular and the future of work continues to shift. Early adopters have either started DAOs or been drawn into projects via personal relationships, and their experiences have prompted them to try their hand at other initiatives. Newcomers to web3 will need training, navigation, and tools to help them manage their experience.

DAOHQ is a global DAO marketplace that intends to aid in the discovery, management, and investment of DAOs. I’ve been following DAOHQ for a while and recently got the chance to speak with Emmet Halm, the company’s co-founder.

Give us some history on why you founded DAOHQ.

On-chain, DAOs are decentralized joint-stock enterprises. The joint-stock corporation was one of the most influential innovations of the previous two centuries. DAOs, we believe, will open up new avenues for international cooperation and economic potential. Despite this, DAOs are still in their infancy. To begin with, finding and researching DAOs is challenging, and investing and voting is much more complicated. We’re establishing DAOHQ because there are still too many steps for the ordinary individual to become engaged. 

What are your current projects?

We are focused on building the product and the team. On a granular level, lots of outreach on LinkedIn & Discord to connect with full-stack & smart contract candidates. We’re building a tight-knit, mission-driven, relentless team that values speed, self-improvement, and integrity. On the product side, I’ll jump into our Figma files to provide design feedback and take user interview calls to see how people interact with our current product.

What are some of the most exciting plans on the horizon?

Without giving too much away, we’re thrilled to be the first to provide a mobile-first experience for DAO discovery, investment, and voting. The majority of people spend more time on their phones than on their PCs, Gen Z and Millennials are obsessed with their phones, and smartphones have a larger worldwide reach. We’re putting the DAO experience right to the consumers’ fingertips.

How would DAOHQ assist individuals in finding DAOs and contributing to them?

DAOHQ now has over 1,000 DAOs to explore. We offer a DAO personality questionnaire to help you get started with your own matching engine and find DAOs that match your aims and hobbies. Users have also taken use of the sort by category option. You may trade straight from DAOHQ if you’re interested in investing in a DAO. Follow the Discord links to communicate with the core team if you want to become a core contributor.

DAOs, like other teams, follow the 80/20 rule, which states that 20% of contributors drive 80% of outcomes. This implies that instead of developers, eight out of ten DAO members are investors and voters. We’re working to make it simple to invest, vote, and join communities. We’re also assisting a few DAOs in matching personnel to key contributor jobs.

If you’re interested in learning more about DAOs, DAOHQ offers a consolidated view of over 1,000 DAOs, ranked by token price and community growth. DAOHQ also collects market updates and suggestions into three categories: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. You may submit your DAO for inclusion in the marketplace if you already have one.

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