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NFT news today: Cyber Arena is a newly formed, community-based development project aimed at bringing about the next generation of blockchain games. The mission of this initiative is to foster innovation across all areas in the gaming industry including marketing and game design.

The “thetan arena” is a decentralized, peer-to-peer application that allows users to create and trade their own digital assets. The platform was originally developed by the company behind the popular gaming app, CryptoKitties.

Earn money by playing. Thousands of players all across the globe have had a fantastic month, fighting, competing, and earning monthly, weekly, and even daily! Cyber Arena has started awarding large sums of money in real money – and this is just the beginning!

Cyber Arena is a multiplayer battle card game with gameplay inspired by Hearthstone and Magic the Gathering, but with a few tweaks. Players assemble a deck of playing cards (NFTs) based on characters from the AnRKey X world and compete against other players.

All of the games in the AnRKey X ecosystem are linked through narrative and gameplay. Step into the Cyber Arena with whatever team you’re on in 2323rd Battle Wave for one-on-one battles against opponents to win the arena, which also boosts your team in 2323rd Battle Wave.

On our daily and monthly leaderboards, level up and earn bragging rights. You’ll be awarded if you win the one-on-one combat; if you win the bigger daily and weekly leader-board battles, your benefits will expand tremendously. In 2323rd Battle Wave, those at the top of the scoreboard will get an extra power boost!

Our devs have been hard at work on the next edition of the game while all of this has been going on.

Starting with the game interface, it’s being revamped to look and function like classic gaming trading card game boards like Hearthstone, Magic the Gathering, and Pokemon. Using a card selection tool to sort cards by different factors such as stats or collection will make choosing from the cards much simpler.

Also included will be our long-awaited upgrade to add metadata metrics to NFTs, which will be split out as follows:

  • ATTACK: the amount of damage this NFT inflicts to the opponent.
  • DEFENSE (HEALTH): the amount of harm an opponent may inflict on this NFT.
  • SPEED: This is a metric that is used to assess who assaults first.
  • AGILITY: Increases the likelihood of a critical strike.

The NFT metrics will be randomized within a certain range. Thug NFT, for example, will have an ATTACK stat of 5 to 8. Distinct methods will be possible because to the randomness feature, which eliminates the need for hundreds of different items. Players will now be able to choose the sequence in which their NFTs are placed, adding a new element of complexity to the game. Choosing a High Defense NFT first, then going full send on ATTACK, for example.

Cards will attack each other, with the card with the highest SPEED attacking first and causing the greatest damage. If the opponent lives, he or she will retaliate (Pokemon style). If the opponent is defeated, the procedure will resume with the following card. This procedure continues until one of the users runs out of cards, at which point a winner is determined.

Finally, the leaderboards will be updated, and players will be able to see the current NFT deck of each user.

All of these items’ backend functionality is ready, and we’re currently working on the UI design in preparation for a near beta release.

For more forthcoming updates, be sure to follow AnRKey X on Twitter, Discord, Telegram Community, Telegram News, Medium, and Twitch!

Now is the time to play 2323rd Battle Wave!

Visit our official websites for further information:

AnRKey X

2323rd Battle Wave

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AnRKey X Information

AnRKey X is a multi-release DeFi game studio and all-in-one Play to Earn platform that powers players and creators in the metaverse. Since its introduction in 2020, it has been one of the founding firms spearheading the DeFi gaming revolution. AnRKey X has pushed the bounds of DeFi gaming and NFT technology to enable borderless metaverses that allow billions of players all over the globe to monetize their game play, create, trade, and earn in community-owned virtual economies since its introduction. AnRKey X was founded by well-known worldwide professionals with more than 80 years of combined expertise in crypto, DeFi, gaming, FinTech, and entertainment, with the goal of leading the gaming and metaverse sector into the Web3 future.

The “nft trading platform” is a crypto-to-fiat exchange that allows users to trade NFTs. The platform has been in development for over 2 years and is set to release soon.

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