CryptoSea Launch High-Utility Salty Shrimps NFT Collection

CryptoSea is a new crypto project that lets you collect your own salt-water shrimp, to use as a collateral for trading in the Crypto Sea. The first NFT “salty shrimps” are now available on the market and start at 1 satoshi each.

The “what is nft art” is a question that has been asked many times. The “Salty Shrimps NFT Collection” is a collection of CryptoSea’s high-utility NFTs.

CryptoSea, the first undersea metaverse on the Solana blockchain, is back with their second collection of sea creature-inspired inventions, following up on their debut launch of the ever-biting Shuffle Sharks NFT collection.

The ever-tasty ‘Salty Shrimps,’ which, like all other species in the project, will come with a distinct set of utilities based on charities, excursions, and airdrops, as well as overarching benefits that are commonly associated with the pixelated cartoon characters, are up next. 

The Collection of Salty Shrimps

The collection will include 1,696 Salty Shrimps NFTs, each with its own set of eight qualities (skin, background, eyes, mouth, hat, neck, companion, attire, and foot) and over 110 attributes. Limited-edition Shrimps, as well as nine ultra-rare Shrimps that CryptoSea codelessly constructed by hand, will be housed inside the crustacean colony, making certain Shrimps more valuable than others.  

Along with these artistic benefits, Salty Shrimp NFTs holders will be entered to win an exciting vacation to Thailand, where they will go on island hopping excursions and learn more about the concept behind CryptoSea. Each minting of a Salty Shrimp NFT will also result in the planting of a mangrove tree, which provides the basis for productive and biologically diverse ecosystems in tropical and subtropical coastal saltwater zones. 

The NFTs will also be subject to a 5% royalty sharing.


The Mint

On March 7th, all Shuffle Shark NFT owners (available on SolSea and Magic Eden) will get a Salty Shrimp NFT as part of the collection. 

On March 12th, a whitelist/pre-sale mint (with a limited number of 100 places) will be held, where each Salty Shrimp may be acquired for 0.66 SOL ($63). 

Finally, on March 13th at 19:00 UTC, the public auction will begin, with each NFT available for 0.99 SOL ($95). When the third CryptoSea species is released, the first 200 wallets that publicly mint a Salty Shrimp will get a free airdrop of the third CryptoSea species. 

A Salty Shrimp NFT may be purchased using any Solana-based wallet, however using a Phantom Wallet is strongly suggested.

Holders’ Roadmap – Upcoming Benefits

The CryptoSea plan is committed to providing the community with a variety of benefits that go beyond the vivid and distinctive aesthetic of the digital assets, as seen by the project’s commitment to rewarding current NFT holders with free airdrops of the next species in line.

CryptoSea has started the process by constructing the Portals Community Space, a virtual home for their community. Members of the community may enjoy hangout sessions, host events, town halls, raffles, and much more here.

Significant benefits are planned for people who acquire all eight CryptoSea species in the future. To begin with, all such holders will earn 50% of royalties collected in the communal wallet via the Wagmi Payout. They will also be able to stay for free in the much-anticipated CryptoSea Community Beach House! CryptoSea is currently considering where the Community Beach House will be built, although Thailand and the Dominican Republic are said to be high on their list.

Members of the community may also look forward to winning weekly NFTs and cash prizes in the future 2D side-scroller NFT game, as well as an invitation to the NFT-gated CryptoBeach Festival.

Each CryptoSea species launch has its own lavish adventure trip lottery, such as the possibility to win a vacation to Thailand in the Salty Shrimps launch and a shark diving trip to South Africa in the Shuffle Sharks launch. 

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