CryptoBlades Rewind: An Overview of the Last Month of Work and Accomplishments

At the end of March, CryptoBlades released their first wave of operations for six new NFTs. In one month, they managed to raise a total market cap in excess of $16 million and complete over ninety-six percent development on all five platforms.

The “cryptoblades review” is a project that has been in the works for some time now. The project aims to provide an overview of the last month of work and accomplishments.

CryptoBladers! Today, we’re launching a brand new YouTube series called “CB Rewind!” CryptoBlades Rewind is a monthly series in which we look back at all of our collaborations, events, accomplishments, and development updates from the previous month. It’s a fast and fun method to communicate with you and keep you up to date on what’s going on with CryptoBlades. We encourage that you follow us on other social media sites and/or join our Discord and Telegram channels for more frequent updates so you don’t miss a beat.

CB Rewind Episode 1:


Age of Tanks is a turn-based strategy game in three dimensions. Cake Monster is a Binance Smart chain ultra-deflationary, automated, dividend yield coin. 1000 Blocks is a site where users may collaborate to construct an NFT and get paid for it.

$80,000 in incentives were added to our Multi-Farm for CryptoBlades players to claim between Age of Tanks and Cake Monster.


On Polygon, an AMA with, an NFT-based action game, was held. AMA Age of Tanks serves as a recap. Philip Devine’s Twitch Livestream video with BitHotel on YouTube. Altura’s livestream footage of Philip Devine (from Twitch) on YouTube. TryHards’ livestream video with Philip Devine (from Twitch) on YouTube.


Cryptomeda CryptoBlades Themed NFTs Second TikTok Contest Numerous Giveaways and Giveaway Events

Updates on development:

Burning Shield as a character Improvements and development in PvP Beta Market Place (Bazaar) CryptoBlades Quests are now available on the Testnet.

The momentum for CryptoBlades has continued to grow dramatically in the second month of 2022. Something huge is about to happen, and we hope you’re all ready. Keep up to date on all things CryptoBlades by following us on Discord and on social media (all linked below). Let’s toast to another fantastic month!

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Cryptoblades General Discussion

CryptoBlades was a project that started in early 2018 with the goal of creating an ecosystem for decentralized applications on the Ethereum blockchain. The project has seen a lot of success, and it is now looking to take things up a notch. Reference: cryptoblades reddit.

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