CryptoArt Sundays: Interview with VISBII

The intersection of art and cryptocurrency is an intriguing one. In this interview, we discuss the latest developments in crypto-art with VISBII’s founder William Lacey.

CryptoArt Sundays is a weekly series of interviews with the creators and developers of NFTs in the crypto space. Read more in detail here: cryptoart news.

Greetings from CryptoArt Sundays! We are beyond thrilled to present a fantastic illustrator and very gifted artist this week. Meet VISBII, an artist known for his oversized figures, abstract compositions, and natural textures who is a member of the socially concerned NFT group The Humanians.

It is hardly surprising that the Wall Street Journal and Women’s Wear Daily are among VISBII’s clients. You are immediately drawn in by her unique artistic approach. Her use of color blending and the exaggerated figures she depicts in her sketches have a fun, effervescent, and whimsical quality.

We also strongly urge prospective artists to visit our VISBII’s website and blog, where she offers some really helpful advice on how to overcome blockages to creativity, handle working as a freelance illustrator, and more.

Let’s get started by learning more about The Humanians project, VISBII’s NFT art experience, and her stunning drawings!

What inspired you to develop your own NFTs and how did you learn about the NFT market?

Apart from a couple of my artist friends who had started their own collections, I truly didn’t know much about NFTs. But when Odd One Out Labs contacted me with their proposal, I was unable to refuse. The idea, the team, and the idea of giving back all quickly captured my heart. It has been such a phenomenal learning experience so far, and it is fascinating to see how blockchain technology and web3 may be used to improve all of our lives.

How do you go about becoming creative?

I usually start my work by writing down thoughts in a notepad. Since we incorporated an absurd quantity of qualities for this project in particular, the team and I created roughly ten notebook pages with random ideas to draw from before preliminary drawing. After we had a general notion of what the Humanians may look like, I jumped right into Photoshop and we developed three primary characters, gave them distinct personalities, and chose attributes. I then spent the next three months working exclusively in my studio.


Can you tell us more about The Humanians, a highly successful NFT initiative that you just launched? What inspired you to create it? 

The idea was to use a socially conscious collection that bridged art and function to humanize the NFT environment and raise awareness of the pervasive mental health problem in our culture today.

In order to actively address the lack of human variety and the false self-image demands fostered by contemporary and social media, the world of Humania was created.


The entertainment and media sectors have promoted idealistic standards and viewpoints of what it means to be attractive and acceptable. With The Humanians’ straightforward mission of a “inclusive celebration of humanity,” we emphasize how amazing it is when everyone works together to put an end to prejudice, isolation, and insecurity. The Humanians appreciate everyone and everything, anywhere, without discrimination.


What’s next for the initiative, and how has the community-building process gone thus far? 

The introduction of the staking marketplace, which is scheduled at the end of June 2022, is now intensively planned. Regarding art, I am also preparing a PFP collection that will be published in the next few months.

 The community has been tremendously inspiring for me! We have weekly AMAs with our members that the founders and I have participated in. I also like checking in on the Discord group to see what everyone is up to. Ouma, our mental health therapist, is also quite active in the group. It’s a wonderful neighborhood!


Do you have any favorite CryptoArtists with whom you would want to work?

I definitely have a few favorites. Deekay Motion and his Let’s Walk collection have a ton of fans, including myself. I’ve long admired the World of Women collection by WD Willy of Karafuru, who is likewise a true master of his trade.


What project are you now engaged in?

We’re working really hard behind the scenes on what’s next for The Humanians, and I now have my hands in a number of new projects that I can’t yet announce.



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