CryptoArt Sundays: Interview with Jeff Aphisit

This week’s CryptoArt Sundays is with Jeff Aphisit, the CEO of EverdreamSoft and creator of Spells of Genesis! We talk about going to E3, game development in Asia, what goes into an NFT card design, why he believes blockchain gaming is a sustainable future for developers.

Jeff Aphisit is a cryptocurrency and blockchain expert who has been involved in the industry since 2013. He is the CEO of CryptoArt Sundays, an online art gallery that uses cryptocurrency as its primary means of payment. Read more in detail here: cryptocurrency news.

We’re glad you’re here for another thrilling CryptoArt Sundays! Jeff Aphisit, an NFT artist, is visiting this week. He is an incredible artist and illustrator from Bangkok, Thailand.

I like his eccentric and vibrant artistic approach. Jeff has been involved in the NFT community for more than a year, and in the interview that follows, he discusses his experiences to far and his predictions for the future of NFTs and CryptoArt.

Let’s start now!

What inspired you to develop your own NFTs and how did you learn about the NFT market?

Through social media and through my favorite musicians like Mr. Misang, PUCK, and James Jean, I am familiar with NFTs. I believe that NFTs provide artists an opportunity to be really authentic. I came into this area for that purpose.

How often do you make?

one every one to two months.


How do you go about becoming creative?

Similar to writing a journal, I often establish the notion of my work using the sentiments I am experiencing at the time. After that, I’ll start composing and sketching on a little piece of paper, drawing on a huge piece of paper once again, and using digital painting tools.


Do you have any favorite CryptoArtists with whom you would want to work?

Sure! I like many different artists and would want to collaborate with them. But if I had to choose only one, James Jean would be it.


What do you see CryptoArt’s future to be like?

I believe that NFT technology is still in its infancy. I’m not sure whether it will continue to have the same level of popularity in the future. However, I think it won’t go away. And in the future, buying and selling digital artworks would be one option for artists and collectors.


What project are you now engaged in?

Now that I work as a full-time artist, I produce NFT work on the Foundation platform using both physical and digital media.


Where can art buyers discover your creations?

You may go here to see more works or follow my work on Twitter, Instagram, and Foundation.



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