CryptoArt Sundays: Interview with Hypnagogist

Hypnagogist is a creative artist who uses NFTs in his work. They focus on the intersections of animation and blockchain, making art that’s able to be interacted with by anyone anywhere in the world. Today we’ll get into Hypnagogist’s process, how they got started as an artist, their inspiration for cryptoart Sundays event series aimed at supporting artists interested or experimenting with blockchains

The “nft promo twitter” is a new weekly interview show that looks at the world of NFTs. The first episode features Hypnagogist, who talks about how he got into crypto and what it means to him.

Another round of CryptoArt Sundays is upon us! Say hi to Hypnagogist, an epic visionary artist that specializes in mixed media and psychedelic art.

Let’s dig right in and learn more about his fantastic NFT career!

What drew you to construct your own NFTs and how did you learn about the NFT space?

I discovered the NFT community mostly via Nicole Ruggiero’s 3DINTERNET Discord channel, which is home to a slew of talented artists and all-around cool individuals! Essentially, much of my digital and 3D work up to then point had been done for personal projects and wasn’t something I envisaged supporting myself with, but the NFT space has enabled me to do so with a lot of mixed results at first! I’ve been fortunate to make contacts in some very fantastic communities over the last year.

How often do you produce?

To be honest, it’s almost continuous! It is, without a doubt, my life’s mission, and I am always experimenting with new materials, methods, and procedures in order to incorporate them into my own. I’m a natural experimenter, and I’m always looking for new ways to shake things up and improve my work.


How do you come up with ideas?

I can’t really claim to have a singular creative process. As I previously said, I believe that exploration is the most important aspect of my technique. From acrylic painting to 3D modeling, I work in both conventional and digital works, and I believe that each medium affects my work in a different manner and helps me to transfer what I’ve learnt between them.

The series of projection mapped paintings I’ve been working on is perhaps the finest illustration of this, since they blend conventional painting, 3D modeling in Blender, and projection mapping in Touchdesigner, and really show the unity of all of my diverse styles of work!


Do you have any CryptoArtists with whom you’d want to collaborate?

Glass Crane, Ben Ridgeway, Burt Veracruz, Eloh, Kyle Dineen, and I could go on and on! The visionary art world is filled with fantastic artists with whom I’d want to work one day. I’m planning a few more collaborations for the near future, but I have a lot of work to do before I can get started!


What do you believe CryptoArt’s future will be like?

In the ideal world, CryptoArt will place a strong focus on long-term networks like Algorand. I’d also want to see a bigger emphasis on one-of-a-kind fine art projects rather than collectibles, which may be a biased perspective, but there are so many artists in the community producing incredible work, and I want to see more of them acknowledged!

I have a healthy skepticism about many web3.0 initiatives, but there are a few that have a lot of promise, so I’m simply keeping an eye on a bunch of different things to see what will work out in the end.


What are your current projects?

My major projects right now aren’t exactly NFT-related, with my biggest one being a massive art installation. It’s been a lot of effort, but the result is going to be incredible. I’ll be back to working on NFT projects soon; I’ve got some major personal pieces in the works; there’s only so much time in the day, and I’m already stretched thin, but they’ll be a significant step up from my prior 3D work.

Over the course of the year, I also want to work on more hybrid traditional-digital projection mapping works, so that’s something to look forward to!


Where can collectors learn more about your work?

Under the handle Hypnagogist, you can find me almost anyplace! Right now, I’m mostly active on Ethereum and Algorand-based markets, but I’m also beginning to dabble in Kusama’s Singular market, which I’m looking forward to participating in!

PsyNFT (created by NFTrippy) is a terrific display of visionary artists and collaborators where you can discover my work as well as that of some of the finest in the scene! That would be the spot to go to see my work and related art, as well as all of the pertinent connections.



The “twitter nft tracker” is an interview with Hypnagogist, a creator of CryptoArt Sundays. The interview covers the history of CryptoArt Sundays and how it came to be.

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