CryptoArt Sundays: Interview with Hayley Rincon

A lot of people are curious about the art world when it comes to cryptocurrency. Many artists use crypto as a way to fund their work, and in return for tokens that can be used on site or sold at market value. This talk will discuss how some artists have managed to make money with NFTs and what challenges they encountered along the way.,

Art enthusiasts, welcome to CryptoArt Sundays! Hayley Rincon’s stunning psychedelic artworks are featured this week. I first came across her work on Foundation, and as soon as I saw it, I knew I wanted to grab an interview with this really brilliant artist.

Hayley is a visionary/psychedelic/abstract artist residing in the San Francisco Bay Area. She’s been an artist since she was old enough to grasp a pen, and she works with both digital and traditional media. Her artworks are inspired by her own experiences with the healing potential of psychedelics as medicine for previous traumas and reaching a new level of consciousness.

Let’s dig right in and learn more about her creative process and NFT experience.

What drew you to construct your own NFTs and how did you learn about the NFT space?

It took me a long time to ultimately jump into NFT territory. I began seeing postings on Instagram from a few artists I follow and felt it was way too difficult and that I didn’t have anything to contribute (I wasn’t aware that NFTs didn’t have to be animated).

After chatting with NFTrippy.eth on Instagram for a bit, he graciously welcomed me to his Discord and provided me with a wealth of information on how to set up my wallet and so on. I reasoned that if he believed in me and my work, it would be worthwhile to investigate NFTs.

I had a collection of digital artwork from the previous year or so that I had no clue what to do with, so this must be the way! I am eternally thankful for his compassion in providing me with a Foundation invitation! My NFT career started after that!

How frequently do you make something?

Every day, I aim to produce something new. Even if it’s simply a doodle or moving my body in a dance-like motion. It gives me the impression that I am living my life as it should be.

How do you go about coming up with ideas?

WEED + MUSIC! No, although I generally have music playing and I like smoking pot, so that’s a huge one for me to relax up and get into that flow state. A nice meditation session is also beneficial.


Do you have any CryptoArtists with whom you’d want to collaborate?

There are a lot!! To begin, everyone in my Discord channel is amazing, and I’d love to collaborate with any of them! But it’s Android Jones who comes to mind first; my work is highly influenced by him, particularly by some deep spiritual trips I’ve had via his artwork and VR imagery. That would be so disgusting. Things that have transformed my life.


What do you believe CryptoArt’s future will be like?

I honestly don’t know! I’m interested to see where it all goes since I know there are so many artists and genres of art to be found, as well as new experiences to be had via sites like the metaverse! It’s fantastic for artists, and we absolutely benefit from the CryptoArt ecosystem.


What are you working on right now?

I’m currently working on some new digital paintings as well as some new animations.

What are the locations where collectors may locate your work?

My website, Foundation, Hicetnunc, and OpenSea are all examples of my work.



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