CryptoArt Sundays: Interview with Chissweetart

This week we were lucky enough to interview the artist behind CryptoArt, Chissweetart. He was kind enough to answer our questions about his process and beliefs with one of his pieces of work: Rambo painting by Patricia Blain

It’s time for another CryptoArt Sundays installment! This week, we have Chissweetart, a fantastic full-time NFT digital artist.

Chissweetart is an NFT photo-manipulation artist that mostly uses digital media while dabbling in the creation of science fiction and fantasy works. Their artwork often expresses their recovery process in bizarre, dark, and emotional ways.

Let’s get started, look at some great artwork, and learn about Chissweetart’s NFT adventure!

What inspired you to develop your own NFTs and how did you learn about the NFT market?

Actually, it was my mother who first informed me about the NFT space. She said that because I had always been an artist and had been doing digital art for some time, I should give it a go.

Regarding the NFT I was going to make, I must admit that I was quite rusty at the time since I had spent the most of my time working on graphic design projects for businesses, which I believed had seriously hindered my creative ability. So, when I first began, all I did was sell some of my older artwork for a while before I truly started creating new work. I started with the composition “Love.”

How often do you make?

I spend the most of my week creating. Weekends are often my days off so that I can do errands, do chores, and spend time with my family.


How do you go about becoming creative?

If I don’t already have a clear notion of what I want to make, I start by browsing the stocks of materials I wish to use in my creative process. Usually, stock may inspire me to come up with a recipe. I have to go through a lot of stock to get the ideal one, so it typically takes some time. I’ll put on the ideal music after I’ve found the stock that works the best for me.

I always choose a playlist based on the item I’m working on even though I have several ready-to-use playlists linked into my Pandora account. I have a sci-fi playlist for when I want something avant-garde and technologically advanced, as well as emotion and all female odd music playlists.

After sorting and aligning all the layers in Photoshop, I start working on the artwork and begin the creative process. If the item requires fine refinements, I will transmit it to my iPad and continue working on it there. I will then post the artwork once it is complete.


Do you have any favorite CryptoArtists with whom you would want to work?

One Robot, Chris Wahl, Clair Silver, Oak Arrow, Natalie Shau, and CryptoPom are a few of them.


What do you see CryptoArt’s future to be like?

Sincerely, I have no clue. I’m continuously changing into something new, and I have no clue where my creative process will go. Nevertheless, I’m eager to find out.


What project are you now engaged in?

I am now focusing more on my emotive colorful portraits and my Weirdo collection, however I also have a number of drops planned and several requests to take on projects. I sometimes dabble with some unusual things that simply naturally find their way into my collection.


Where can art buyers discover your creations?

Among the various markets I participate in, you may find me on Rarible, SuperRare, MakersPlace, Foundation, KnownOrigin, and OpenSea.



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