Crypto Holdem poker NFTs launches 22 February

Crypto Holdem poker is the world’s first NFT-based game, backed by a decentralized ownership model and powered by blockchain technology. The ERC721 token will be unveiled on 22 February alongside its mobile application for iOS and Android devices.

Not every nft project is the same. There are NFT PROJECTS and NFT PROJECTS when it comes to nft projects. Crypto Holdem, a new NFT poker game based on the Ethereum blockchain, seems to have all the makings of a great hit. It has a wealth of useful features, such as monthly rewards, admission into poker tournaments, poker lessons, and much more.

With this in mind, we spoke with Joe Cameron, one of the project’s creators.

Hello, Joe. Could you please tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Joe Cameron, and I am the Co-Founder of Crypto Holdem NFT.

I’m a serial entrepreneur, and I’ve been working in the crypto/NFT field for a long time with my Co-Founders, Josh and Kenny, and establishing this poker-related NFT project/community is our top priority right now.

Did Crypto Holdem NFT just announce a huge “partnership arrangement” before we begin?

Yes, we’ve recently announced a collaboration with Ethereum Towers. There’s a lot of amazing things going on with this alliance, but nothing I can share right now. We are ecstatic about the collaboration and are looking forward to achieving fantastic results for both communities.

Could you explain me a little bit more about Crypto Holdem NFT? Isn’t this a poker-based NFT?

Yes. In No-Limit Texas Holdem, there are 1,326 possible beginning hands. We’ll take 7 decks and turn them into 9,282 distinct NFTs that unleash a slew of advantages, including:

 Exclusive access to events, never-before-seen prizes To improve your game, get some education. Live and virtual utility integration, as well as continuous activity at the poker tables!

What is the functionality of your NFT Utility? Is this something you’d see in a real-life poker game?

Yes, it is a unique feature of our project. To win “LIVE” Monthly Board Run Outs, you may utilize your NFT as a “starting hand.”¬†

For starters, no prior poker expertise or understanding is required to win rewards in these monthly tournaments.

Every month, we will broadcast a live webcast of our Monthly Board Run Outs (YouTube and Twitch), in which we will deal 9 beginning hands at a final table. 

The game starts with 7 totally new, sealed physical decks numbered 1 through 7 that have never been used. After that, the community will choose at random which deck will be utilized for our live reveal. Then we’ll unveil each beginning hand to see which ones are in the running for the prize!

You are instantly included into the game if your Crypto Holdem NFT matches one of the nine possible winning hands and you have confirmed ownership using our Discord channel. After that, we’ll play No-Limit Texas Holdem’s “flop, turn, and river” segments.

During such times, we’ve introduced trading windows, live Q&As with the Crypto Holdem Team, and a lot more. Please join our Discord to witness all of the great components of our project’s game-changing game-play.

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