Launches “Moment of Truth” LeBron James NFT Collection

With LeBron James now a part of the crypto world, is launching his first ever NFT collection – Moment of Truth. The highly-anticipated pack features an assortment of items that are sure to make collectors’ heads spin and eyes roll back in awe, the world’s first crypto-collectibles platform has launched a LeBron James NFT collection. The items will be available to purchase in’s upcoming “Moment of Truth” event on July 30th.

The vast Web3 ecosystem,, launched its first ever big game feature during this year’s Super Bowl. Back in 2003, when LeBron James was on the verge of stardom, I shot a short, personal picture of him. A youthful LeBron seeks counsel from his older, wiser self, tugging at the nation’s heartstrings. As a result, a cascade of events occurred that would permanently alter basketball. Following this pivotal life choice, LeBron went on to become the “GOAT (Greatest of All Time)” of basketball.

To highlight this fantastic feature, released an outstanding series of behind-the-scenes NFTs commemorating its construction, which are only available to eagle-eyed viewers who are familiar with’s penchant for Easter eggs and hidden material.

As a result, a QR code emerged in a blink-and-you-miss-it scene at the ten-second mark, which, when scanned, transported sleuth-minded viewers to a hidden web page, where they could register for the brand new LeBron-themed NFT drop.

The Non-Fungible LeBron James Experience chose 5,550 fortunate winners from a pool of deserving people to receive a unique NFT from the “Moment of Truth” series. A massive collection of stunning images shot on site during the film’s production, all reproduced in all their nostalgic beauty with a set of Polaroid-styled digital frames.

The collection is divided into three layers, each representing 15 unique designs with varying levels of rarity. Tier 3 begins with five separate photos in 1,000 NFT editions, each incorporating on-set details and Easter eggs from the film. The middle layer, with five shots of 100 each, focuses on the memories featured in the video, while the top tier, tier 1, shows LeBron behind the scenes during the filming.

As of right moment, has only given NFTs to its fortunate owners, and they are only accessible on the secondary market. As a consequence, some of’s most valuable assets are these extremely coveted objects. All the while, every time money changes hands, a portion of it goes back to the community.


Contributing to the Community

Despite being the finest basketball player the world has ever seen, LeBron James has never forgotten his beginnings. As a result, he established the LeBron James Family Foundation to give back to the community that shaped him. An outstanding organization that gives the tools and resources necessary to create new chances to the residents of Akron, Ohio.

To that end, will levy a 5% royalty fee on every transaction made on the secondary market. All of this will go toward teaching the local population in Web3 technology and giving an all-around self-development experience in the location he calls home, in order to establish the foundation for the next generation of tech-minded entrepreneurs.

Browse the LeBron James Moment of Truth collection >> Here has launched a collection of LeBron James NFTs, the “Moment of Truth” series. The first item in the collection is a digital clip of LeBron James dunking on someone during his high school days. Reference: lebron james clip.

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