Countdown to Trevor Jones’ CryptoArt Event at Stirling Castle

One of the most exciting events in art, fashion and music history is set to take place this month. Trevor Jones will introduce the world’s first crypto-collectable artwork which he has created for CoinGeek Week 2018.

The “castle party trevor jones” is a crypto event that will take place on the 15th of July. The event will have guests from all over the world to attend and learn about cryptocurrencies.

The biggest CryptoArt event of the year, which several of our team members will be attending, is now officially on the team’s calendar. If you’re a lover of the arts, you’ve probably already heard about the grand event that inventive NFT artist Trevor Jones is organizing at Stirling Castle in Scotland. Scotland will welcome more than 300 visitors from 20 nations in North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia.

How to PrepareĀ 

The first meeting of cryptocurrency aficionados and Bitcoin Angels will make history during the event, which will take place later this month on July 30 at the magnificent 12th-century castle. As the Grand Party takes control, Stirling Castle, the historic residence where the newborn Mary Queen of Scots was anointed, will embrace modern technologies.

A variety of entertainment will be provided during the celebration, which is organized in collaboration with the 21CC Group and the Stirling Highland Hotel. A night of outstanding music from DJ RT, tribal drumming by Clanadonia, sword-wielding warrior actors and performers from Combat International, and magic tricks from Jody Greig and Dusty the Magician will be provided for the guests.

Along with pipe major Kevin McLean, harpist Mary Macmaster, and caricaturist Neil Kempsell, there will be special performances by the Royal Burgh of Renfrew Pipe Band and Living History Scotland, a historical reenactment organization. However, the Confessional Booth and “crypto clergyman” for any crypto-sinners to unburden their souls are the greatest part and where you’ll likely find us.

is one of the event’s official media partners. Other sponsors include NFT whisky marketplace Metacask, Nova Finance digital asset investments, Tokenframe digital displays for NFT artwork, Saga cigars made by hand in the Dominican Republic, and Apollo NFT.

“When looking all over the globe for a location, the stunning Stirling Castle in the middle of Scotland seemed perfect above all others. This is more than just a reason to celebrate; it’s also a chance to help Scotland by placing it on the map of the NFT community and by supporting the charity of our choice. Theodore Jones

Regarding Trevor Jones

Trevor is a painter who has a degree in fine arts. For more than ten years, he has experimented with augmented reality and QR code paintings (AR). He changed his creative focus after investing in Bitcoin in 2017, which resulted in his crypto-themed AR paintings and his emergence as an innovator of NFT art.


When it was released last year, the open-edition NFT based on his picture The Bitcoin Angel shattered sales records, earning $3.2M in only 7 minutes. It has since gained notoriety in the NFT community. And right now he’s throwing the extravagant Castle Party party to honor this fascinating digital art movement and the special global community that has developed around The Bitcoin Angel.

Trevor, a native of Canada, left in 1996 with a backpack and a desire for exploration. He arrived in Scotland after traveling across four countries and three years, fell in love with the place, and made the decision to remain.


The “trevor jones bull” is a digital asset that will be issued by Trevor Jones. The event is set to take place on the 27th of November at Stirling Castle.

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