Cool Wearables Creators in Decentraland to Keep an Eye On

The decentralized virtual world ‘Decentraland’ is a game that relies on NFTs, or Non-Fungible Tokens. These tokens are built with ERC721 protocol and allow creators to create and distribute their own creations without the need for centralized system like Steam. If you want to know who’s creating which type of wearable, check out this list!

Decentraland is a virtual reality world that is built on blockchain. It has created a platform for developers to create NFTs, or non-fungible tokens. These are digital assets that can be traded and used in the game. The creators of these items will keep an eye out for new ideas and trends as they develop their creations. Read more in detail here: wearable nft clothing.

Fashion is a means of expressing yourself. It operates both in the actual world and in the virtual world. Virtual identity has no bounds, much as metaverse fashion has no bounds in terms of gravity, inventiveness, or fit. Gaming skins evolved into wearables over time, and more conventional fashion designers, graphic designers, and 3D artists entered the metaverse scene. 

Decentraland recently hosted the first-ever virtual Metaverse Fashion Week, drawing fashionistas from all around the world. And there was a huge need for limitless personalization of digital avatars when it came to participation in metaverse venues. As a consequence, in the real world, wearables have become a tool to show one’s uniqueness and stand out from the crowd. 

What is a Decentraland Wearable, and How Do I Get One?

You may customize your avatar with a custom wearable. It’s similar to an old-school Sims game where you may customize your character’s accessories and apparel. You can only purchase it at Decentraland, keep it in your collection, and wear it on special occasions.

There are many various wearables to pick from, and the Decentraland marketplace now provides a variety of MANA alternatives. Don’t worry if you become tired with your costume; you can always resell it. Decentraland wearables are coined on the Polygon/Matic sidechain by default, allowing users to mint, acquire, trade, and transfer goods without incurring gas costs.

On the Decentraland Marketplace or OpenSea, you may find your favorite clothes.

What Does a Wearable Device Cost?

Yannakis, one of Decentraland’s wearables designers, remarked, “If you compare it to generating assets for a game, wearables are 10 times simpler.” The technical component is quite simple, and the money part is not at all awful.”

“I’ve published 6 volumes myself (2 of which were not supposed to be sold), cost – 600 MANA, sales – 1,952 MANA, royalties – 11.53, net profits – 1363.5 MANA,” he said in a recent Twitter post.

Despite recent votes that it should cost more, publishing a wearable for the inventor still costs 100 MANA at the time of writing. The change in the wearable submission price from 100 MANA to $500 USD was supposed to happen on May 26. The implementation was postponed, according to Decentraland’s official Twitter account, on May 26. 

Because many new creators have joined DCL after the initial plan was voted on, the Wearable fee modification will be postponed until further notice to allow the community time to analyze the situation and suggest improvements via the DAO. More information about this subject will be available shortly!

May 25, 2022 — Decentraland (@decentraland)

Read the Decentraland blog page for more extensive information on how to make a wearable. 

Creators of Wearables to Watch

Wearables designers are most active on Twitter, and it’s definitely the best way to find them. Doki, one of the most well-known designers, provides a diverse selection of wearables, from her signature Doki shoes to ombre bubble pigtails. JTV, DOCTORdripp, Cyclopa, and Fractilians are some of the other fascinating Decentraland creators to keep an eye on.

Wearables owners are normally fed via freebies and unique drops, but it’s also possible that they’ll be given access to a private community. 

The evolution of creators will be the most fascinating thing to see. For the time being, just a few artists are mixing digital and physical media. They will surely become the internet fashion houses of the future, in my opinion.


“Wearable technology” is a term that can be used to describe any device that is worn on the body, from watches to smartwatches, glasses and even contact lenses. In Decentraland, there are many creators in the wearable space. These creatives have created some really cool wearables for their land. Reference: wearable technology.

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