Cool Cats NFT Drops a Bombshell with Cooltopia Launch

Cool Cats NFT is launching a game, Cooltopia. The launch of this new blockchain-powered game has caught the attention of many investors including Binance Labs and Sirin Lab’s Finney. What will make the gaming industry take notice?

The “cool pets nft release date” is the new game from Cool Cat’s NFT. The game is called “Cooltopia”. It will be released on September 20th, 2018.

Cool Cats has finally opened Cooltopia, after what seems like an eternity of suspense, conjecture, and worry. A massively wealthy gamified social center for feline collectors with a steadfastly aloof demeanor.

Cooltopia, a mythical region, will serve as a sovereign republic for the Cool Cats empire. Allowing owners of both nonfungible cats and their Cool Pets equivalents to participate in a variety of WEB3 activities. All of this is made possible through a $MILK-based economy, which may be obtained by completing missions or just possessing a qualifying NFT.


April 14, 2022 — Cool Cats (@coolcatsnft)

NFT holders may play games, interact, shop, or just hang around looking cool in the Cooltopia environment. All of this takes place in a constantly changing environment that will continue to expand and become more wild over time. As a result, members of the Cool Cats community will have their own own WEB3 world to call home.

Cool Cats is one of the NFT world’s most lasting successes, with a massive trading volume of about 100k ETH ($300m). At the same time, a floor price of roughly $8 ETH ($24k) is maintained. Cooltopia’s release will definitely pique people’s interest in the Cool Cats, since it represents the project’s next step.

Learn more about Cooltopia >> Here


The “who created cool cats nft” is a mystery that has been on the minds of many in the crypto world. It was announced today, that Cool Cats NFT will be launching their own token called Cooltopia.

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