Confti Club – The Crowdfunding Solution for Co-Owning Blue-Chip NFTs

This is a new type of crowdfunding platform, designed to help fund the development and release of non-fungible tokens. It’s connected to several fundraising campaigns already started by blockchain projects with huge potential in their respective fields.

Confti Club is an all-in-one NFT crowdfunding and division protocol that enables prospective NFT investors to split and co-own prominent NFTs. It was created to address the shortage of liquidity that has emerged as a result of blue-chip NFTs skyrocketing in price.

The open protocol, which focuses on NFT crowdfunding and division, is made up of a set of Ethereum-based smart contracts that enable users to explore options for NFT issuance, renting, collateralized lending, and trading, ensuring that all NFT investors’ needs are met. 


Confti has already launched its NFT Party and Division solutions, which effectively enable groups of like-minded investors to crowdfund the purchase of pricey NFTs. Fractionalization and the Confti protocol’s smart contracts may then be used to split them into fungible portions.

To begin with, many NFT investors have the practical challenge of finding like-minded investors with whom to work, which is why Confti’s Party service addresses this by providing a DAO solution with governance tools to allow persons with similar consensuses locate each other. Participants may then use the Confti DAO system to carry out a variety of decentralized governance actions.

Confti Parties is designed for both individual NFT aficionados looking to get a piece of the blue-chip pie and DAOs looking to bring on such actors to help fund the acquisition of a high-priced NFT. There are no platform fees here, and all data is saved on the blockchain via smart contracts.

The Division approach, as its name implies, involves users earning partial ownership and rights to assets once their respective ‘Party’ wins an NFT auction/mints an NFT. All of the asset’s advantages, including as dividends, governance voting rights, and airdrops, will be available to consumers at a percentage that correlates to the amount of money they put into purchasing the asset.

Of course, DEXs, CEXs, and NFT markets may all exchange partial shares of NFT ownership. Confti Parties may bid on NFTs on Zora and Foundation for the time being, with support for OpenSea purchases coming shortly. 

Confti does not charge any Party fees, but it does charge 2.5 percent for PartyBid operations (i.e. the crowdfunding element), 1.5 percent for NFT Division, and 2 percent for fractionalization.  

Taking Action

The value of each Confti DAO’s Vault is defined by the split NFT components. DAO members may collectively increase the value of their Vault via decentralized governance, but Confti will be able to step in and provide single NFT sales, collateralized loans, renting, P2P, and other services to boost the Vault’s worth even more.

Confti will soon introduce a distinct NFT issuance and trading feature to satisfy the needs of time-constrained investors, since the PartyBid service does not enable issuance or trading. The new capabilities will provide users a competitive edge in the ongoings of the NFT marketplace, as well as serve as a means of drawing additional high-profile personalities to the site.  

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Check out Confti Club >> Website 


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