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What an amazing year it has been for NFTs. We’re still going strong, with new projects launching every day and the community growing exponentially. There are now more than 2200 DApps in circulation around the world, representing 273 different chains! In order to help you keep up-to-date on all things crypto related this month I wanted to share some of our recent news:

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Following a fantastic start to the new year, February promises to be even more interesting! The announcement of Particlon, Guild expansion, Unchained Music projects, HYDRA, and Fraktal are all taking center stage. Let’s have a peek at what CP looked like in February 2022!


Without a question, the HYDRA launch celebration for ETH Denver was one of the most important events of the year. The event, which was organized by Mango, Steveo, Ben, and Sam of Charged Particles, included a slew of respectable speakers and industry experts, fantastic musical acts like the world-renowned TYCHO, and a supercharged art exhibit curated by Steve-O and Superchief x Hoverlay! And, guys, there was a real blimp hovering about dumping NFTs and tokens on everybody. The event took place on the one-year anniversary of Charged Particles, making it a memorable occasion in terms of both emotion and publicity.



Passes for Particlon Mint

Charged Particles and VASI collaborate to produce a one-of-a-kind project! Particlon is a generative collection that strives to improve the generative space’s standards and usability. We sold all 250 Mint passes at HYDRA and are now working on marketing and expansion. The Presale will begin on March 29th, followed by the Public Sale on March 31st! There will be Twitter Spaces, prizes, WL opportunities, fun community activities, and more in the days building up to the Public Mint! So keep an eye on the Particlon Twitter account.



As fresh people join the channels and work hard to bring their initiatives to reality, our guilds have continued to flourish. Similarly, our Guild Leaders are working tirelessly on their own ambitious projects to bring much-needed innovation and productivity to the space; Cybertooth Kat of the Gaming Guild is developing the ‘Book of Alchemy,’ a P2E game and universe based on Charged Particles technology, which will include a generative character project with skills, gear, and distinct aesthetics. Unchained Music, founded by Matt of IMT, is building a music distribution platform that gives artists back control; in addition to completing a seed round, Unchained has been awarded a Polygon Ecosystem Grant! Now is the moment to become engaged, connect with other guildees, and contribute your skills to our Discord Guilds (see for a list of guilds).


Charged Particles are used by Fraktal.

Fraktal is a new NFT that allows users to construct fractionalized NFTs, known as fraktions, to distribute ownership, royalties, dividends, and interest among various persons or organizations. This technology opens up the market to millions of people who would otherwise be unable to access high-quality, pricey collections owing to high entry barriers. Fraktal revealed earlier this month that their launch will support Charged Particles NFTs, thereby enabling any NFT to be fractionalized, including baskets and nested tokens.

Check out their blog post on their collaboration with Charged Particles!

Our Team

Despite the fact that we did not add any new people to the team this month, we wanted to highlight Mango, our Creative Director! Mango organized the ETHDenver HYDRA launch event, which included high-fidelity music equipment from CP partner Dragonfire. The event was a big success because to Mango’s sponsorship, as well as the musical talent and the location itself, which included a blimp from which gifts were actually “airdropped”!


Mango Dogwood is the creative director of Mango Dogwood.

Concerning Charged Particles

Users may deposit ERC-20, ERC-721, and ERC-1155 tokens into NFTs via the Charged Particles protocol. A rare NFT (such as art, collectibles, virtual real estate, in-game items, and so on) may now be turned into a basket that holds a variety of different tokens. The principal amount may be locked in for a certain period of time.

The programmable yield from these DeFi yield-generating assets is only a few clicks away thanks to NFT and Aave’s aTokens integration.

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