Cometh AMA Recap: Feb 18th

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Cometh Art Director hosts | Sneak Peaks | Q&Amp;A

Cometh is working on a new user interface and is almost ready to launch Cometh Battle. As a result, we’ve decided to have an AMA session to show off the new UI and answer your questions about the game. We got to view some of the new designs before the debut, so it was a teasing session.

When making a game, the aesthetic is just as vital as the mechanics. As a result, we decided to invite our Art Director (Thomas) to speak about Cometh Battle’s creative growth.

In this recap, you will find the representation Thomas gave us regarding the new design & all your questions are answered by him as well!

Here’s a summary in case you missed it or need a refresher:


Thomas: So, yeah, here is our new logo! However, believe it or not, it is still undergoing development. We just underwent a big stylistic shift, thus the logo will be updated to reflect this.

This is a good time for me to state that my objective is to construct a world that seems plausible.

It must not only seem excellent on the surface, but we must be able to explain our design selections as well. It must make sense from the ground up, which requires a great deal of study and development. We’ll almost never do it perfect the first time, and that’s OK!



Thomas: Using our NPCs as an example, I’ll clarify what I mean by research and development.

We start by deciding what role the character will perform. Then, to make the persona more fascinating, we add a passion as an added dimension. Meanwhile, we consider how the passion and the work may be linked so that the character as a whole makes sense.

Take, for example, Toxoplasmo 2.0 on the left. Our merchant is his profession, and his cat is his love. Our merchant wants to gain money through selling items. Why would he need that sum of money? He wants to be able to pamper and feed his chubby kitty.

What makes him want to indulge his cat now? Toxoplasmo 2.0 is a robot, and we normally conceive of robots as emotionless machines.

As a result, I remembered the Toxoplasma gondii infection, which makes mice less afraid of cats, making them easier prey for them. This is the parasite’s method of passing from cat to mouse and then back to cat.

It is said to have a similar effect on humans. This is why I considered evolving the parasite into a digital condition that corrupts robots. It would be the ideal catalyst for the robot to experience feelings such as love for his cat.

Let me also tell you a little about the right-hand Quoletta Chocoletta. We strive to avoid stereotypes as much as possible. Nobody will remember our mechanic if we opt for another middle-aged, bearded mechanic with a belly, since this cliché has been overdone in various forms of media.

As a result, we created Quoletta Chocoletta, a woman who acquired a taste for high-calorie snacks in order to fuel her physically hard profession as a mechanic.


So, as you can see from the slides, I offer a brief, and then one of our artists develops the concept using moodboards and attempts to define the character in words.

Then he creates some silhouettes to visually capture the character’s essence for the next artist to work on. He produces everything as pixel art after we’re comfortable with the detail development.

And while all of this is going on, I’m providing input. It really depends on the character, however in this instance, I pointed out the lollipop contacting the mask, which makes the artwork dirty. I also redrew some of her facial characteristics to make her seem younger and make her face stand out.

I couldn’t locate a Quoletta example, but we did experiment with several color schemes. It’s all about trial and error when it comes to development. Even if I were to recount everything in a chronological order, none of our works of art were without flaws. However, I feel the end product is well worth the work!


Thomas: Let’s take a look at the setting.

When I first joined Cometh, I noticed that a major portion of the game resembled old “shoot ’em up” games from the 1990s. Because we intended to be influenced by old games in any case, I felt ‘Shmup games may be a great place to start, particularly given their long history and widespread popularity.

We started by having a concept artist depict the design brief. The original submission was initially pretty well done in my opinion, however the visual cacophony in the illustration’s center was too intense.

I didn’t want the backdrop to compete with the spacecraft and their motions and detract from them. What looks excellent as an artwork may not always transfer well to gameplay.

We went on to the specifics once he reduced the visual noise and we settled on the colors and atmosphere. The asteroids, in this scenario.

We rendered everything as pixel art after we discovered an asteroid style we liked.



Thomas: For the spacecraft, I chose to include some type of perspective since I didn’t want the designs to seem too flat if we didn’t, and I also wanted them to reflect our painterly style, which has a lot of depth by default.


This also necessitates drawing the ships from several viewpoints, since things would otherwise not line up depending on the orientations of the spacecraft. It will take a lot of time and effort, but it will be well worth it.

I also attempted to make the ships’ form language more apparent, so that they can be recognized merely by looking at their silhouette.

We also used hue shifting, a coloring technique that gives the shadows and highlights greater depth.

User-Interface Design (UI)

Thomas: Here’s a sneak peek at how our user interface development is progressing, where we’re attempting to keep things simple and beautiful while clearly expressing various types of information. We want the player to have a natural sense of where everything is.


We are pleased with the response to the most recent UI we provided; nevertheless, certain information is missing, such as how many rounds effects last or how many times they are stacked; nonetheless, we will update this as soon as feasible.


Moderator for the AMA: Cometh is regaining its luster thanks to the entire design update that we saw today. As we approach the imminent public debut, everything seems to be in good shape. I really hope you enjoyed today’s lecture and review of Cometh’s creative evolution.

Now that we had a sneak peak of the cool, new design of Cometh, let’s continue with the Qs & As!

Q: What about certain Cometh Beyond design and graphics leaks, Thomas?

A: We don’t have anything big to present just yet, but stay tuned.

Q: Are you planning to expand the lore & introduce more characters and storyline content down the line?

A: We made quite a few crew members for your ships, which we’ll show you next time! They will be accompanied with brief descriptions.

Q: Will there be three-dimensional spaceships?

A: Perhaps! We are now working on a 3D project. Let’s see what happens.

Q: What will the game look like in 5 months? Will we be able to mine comets or participate in combat?

A: That is, in fact, our plan. We’d prefer to accomplish it as quickly as possible, but it all depends on how things go. However, I believe our processes are becoming more efficient.

Q: Are you thinking of improving on the UI/UX (like decks collection, card & more)?

A: There will be a new version of the deck builder available shortly.

Q: Have you considered including any ‘easter egg’ elements into the designs?

Yes, we’re attempting to include nice small touches. Some of our crew members are being created based on famous memes.

Q: Where did you get the idea for the new logo?

A: Basically, I wanted fire and metal in the emblem since the game is named Cometh. Even while comets aren’t comprised of fire, they do include a variety of components. I wanted to make the logo more diagonal to make it seem more “fast” and lively. In addition, the design pays homage to the emblems of classic Shmup games.

Q: When and where might we anticipate sneak peeks of new characters?

A: I’ll give you a few things here and there to tease you and get you aroused. We’ll tweet them or create a Discord channel for them.

Q: How is Cometh Beyond coming along?

A: Right now, everything is focused on Cometh Battle. There are many persons on the waiting list. We’ll keep you up to date on everything. It’s going to be amazing.

Q: Will the reward and crafting modes be available when Cometh Battle launches?

A: Yes.

And that closes the first of many Ask Me Anything sessions. Thank you so much for a fantastic AMA session! And I hope to see you again soon.


Keep an eye out for what’s to come!

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