Collector Loses 29 Moonbirds in Latest NFT Scam

A collector of NFTs lost 29 “moonbirds” in a recent scam. The perpetrator created an account, posed as a reputable entity, and stole the digital assets of over 3300 users. What can be done to ensure that NFT collections aren’t vulnerable?

The “moonbird nft reddit” is a Reddit thread that details the latest scam. The collector lost 29 Moonbirds in this scam.

A hacker has amassed 29 Moonbird NFTs from a single wallet by deceiving victims into authorizing them as wallet operators through a phishing website. The victim in issue is a husband and father of three children named ‘Keith ‘Digital Ornithologist,’ who characterized the loss of his ‘hard-earned money over the previous 38 years’ as ‘life changing.’

The total value of the 29 blue-chip Moonbirds is roughly 750 ETH (or $1.5 million), a sum that would be considered undoubtedly significant if taken in any other environment. Regardless of the fact that a UK court recently defined the digital asset as ‘legal property,’ the NFT field remains a very unclear and uncontrolled environment, which is why Keith resorted to sending a message to the hacker through an NFT.

He pleads for the 28 Moonbirds to be returned by the end of the day (the 25th of May), failing which the police and FBI will be contacted officially (with aid from the Proof Collective, an exclusive NFT collector and artist club which he is part of). Keith explained that in order to please the hacker, he would allow one Moonbird to be preserved as ‘compensation.’  

Unfortunately, such requests are unlikely to be honored, since Keith has now revealed that all of his stolen property is for sale on LooksRare.

In terms of how Keith may have learned of the scammer’s identity, a verified Twitter user by the name of ‘Dollar’ said that the suspected perpetrator ‘DVincent_’ (whose account has since been disabled) is already partially doxxed due to their participation in another $2 million NFT heist. Others have stated that ‘DVincent_’ was part of a malicious site that was fraudulently acting as a ‘p2peer’ platform for completing NFT agreements, such as ‘Just1n.eth’ and ‘Sulphaxyz.’ 

The duping, which happened only days after Beeple’s Twitter account was hacked, is yet another painful warning to NFT fans to be cautious when interacting with third-party sites. Furthermore, considering that people like ‘Just1n.eth’ and ‘Sulphaxyz’ have come forward to say they know the suspected perpetrator, it’s possible that many more members of the community have been harmed by the same malicious link.


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