Collection Redesign and Reverse Swap Integration

Ever since our ICO back in October, the number of people using NFTs has continued to grow – but that growth isn’t slowing down. With a new collection release on the horizon and more trading pairs being added all the time, we’re excited to share how you can take advantage of these changes!

The “opensea move collection” is a command-line tool that allows users to reverse the order of their collections. The “opensea move collection” will also allow users to redesign their collections.

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Viewing your collection and reverse swapping your Polymon is now simpler than ever.


We’ve been hard at work building crucial and widely requested features for Polychain Monsters over the last several months. We’re thrilled to announce that our new Collection Page is now live, and we couldn’t be more excited to bring it to you with the much-anticipated Reverse Swap feature you’ve been hearing about.

We’ll be delivering multiple upgrades over the next several weeks since the update is currently being worked on. Meanwhile, let’s take a look at what’s new in version 1 of the software (V1).

The Collection Page comes first. We’ve made a few quality-of-life upgrades here, making it simpler than ever to see all of your Polymons (and their information) in one place.

More information about the NFT Cards may be found here.

To reflect the project’s latest advances in a clearer, more succinct way, we redesigned how and what information is shown on our NFT cards.

The Staking Score and the Rarity Score will be fully functional in a future version for simple viewing.

Filters that work better

Our collection filters have been totally redesigned to be more user-friendly and current in appearance. We understand how difficult it can be to maintain track of huge collections, so here is our first effort to help some of our larger collectors.

NFT Card Display Upgrade

We’ve tweaked the Card display to show as many NFTs as possible on your screen. You may now view up to seven cards at once (depending on your screen size).

The Reverse Swap, the newest feature on our Collections website, is perhaps the most important component of today’s release. We took special care to ensure that you did not mistakenly exchange one of the Polymon you wished to maintain for the staking challenges, since it is a much-anticipated community feature.

To take things a step further, we’re going to add a specific marking to your NFT cards that will tell you which Polymon are presently being tallied in your challenge scores (in a future release). This should make it simpler to tell which Polymon you want to reverse swap at a look, and it should hopefully be implemented shortly.

What is reverse swapping and how does it work? By “swapping” your Polymon, you will earn Opening Vouchers, which may be used to open Polymon booster packs instead of $PMON tokens. Because Opening Vouchers are divisible, you don’t have to burn enough Polymon for a whole voucher at once; instead, you may reverse swap them over time. To open a booster pack, though, you’ll need the whole coupon.

You may choose one of your multi-wallets as the end destination for all of your reverse swap coupons to make the process of merging vouchers easier. The certificates themselves, however, are non-transferable across wallets, so select wisely where you want your vouchers to go!

We conducted two DAO votes over the quantity of Polymon required to be traded for 1 Opening Voucher because we believe our community should have a say in such a critical project decision. The DAO has spoken, and you will need to trade 15 Polymon to acquire 1 booster opening coupon, according to the majority vote.

Step 1: To use the reverse swap function, go to the top right corner of your collection screen and select the “Reverse Swap” icon. Then, using the filter option, find the Polymon you want to swap your Opening Vouchers for.

Step 2: Double-check and confirm your decision. For the time being, choose your Polymon carefully. We want to introduce a feature in the future wherein if you choose a very valued Polymon, you will get a warning remark on the Polymon’s card, which should help avoid unintentional swaps. Until that functionality is developed, make sure you only choose Polymon that you’re happy with burning forever.

As a result, we propose filtering first and primarily by rarity score. Click “Approve” after you’ve made your decision.

Step 3: Select a tick to confirm. The smart contract that will burn your Polymon will be activated as a result of this action. Burning hard-minted Polymon requires just one approval transaction per chain. Unless you select a different chain, the transaction will not appear again after you accept it.

When you are exchanging for the first time, you may encounter one of two scenarios:

Scenario 1: A hard-minted Polymon is on fire.

Scenario 2: Swapping soft minted Polymon if the smart contract stating that hard minted Polymon may be burned has already been accepted.

Step four: Congratulate yourself! You’ve just traded your Polymon for an Opening Voucher booster!

Step 5: Your Opening Vouchers will be activated in your wallet when you wish to open boosters after reverse swapping. In order to open fresh booster packs, they may be used instead of $PMON.

Opening Vouchers take precedence over $PMON during booster openings, and they are withdrawn from your account first. So, if you want to open three booster packs while only having one Opening Voucher, you’ll just have to spend two $PMON and one voucher. In the identical situation, if you simply wish to open one booster pack, you will spend zero $PMON and one voucher.

Remember, even though we’ve only introduced our reverse swap option, we’ve got lots more intriguing deflationary tools in the works, so stay tuned!

Note that the reverse swap functionality may be modified in the future. When you choose to reverse swap, you recognize that the rules for reverse swapping may change at any time, and that you agree to the present requirements.

Reverse swapping is a long-term solution. There will be no returns for any reason, including a future decreased reverse swap rate or a person changing their mind after a reverse swap has been conducted.

As an example:

As if Loading…

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