Coinbase Opens its NFT Marketplace to the Public

A new marketplace is set to open on September 12, offering over 900 NFTs for purchase with Bitcoin and Ethereum. This will be Coinbase’s entry into the digital collectibles market and could signal a trend in crypto being used as an investment class.

Coinbase has opened its NFT Marketplace to the public. This is a new platform that allows users to buy, sell and trade their non-fungible tokens on Coinbase’s exchange. Read more in detail here: coinbase nft marketplace.

Coinbase has opened up its NFT marketplace Coinbase NFT to the general public, only weeks after unveiling its Beta version to a small group of ‘allowlist’ customers. The platform’s democratization is supposed to take weeks to months, according to the business, thus the public launch comes much sooner than intended.

For the time being, it’s unclear why or how things happened faster than expected; a business spokeswoman just said that the product is now ready for higher traffic levels. With this in mind, the crypto exchange expects that an inflow of new users would enable it to perform greater quantities of testing, allowing it to make more informed judgments when adding or improving services on the site.

“Coinbase thinks NFTs are here to stay, and the Coinbase marketplace is about far more than simply buying and selling,” the firm stated in a statement announcing the public launch. Coinbase is committed to building a community and is thrilled to be expanding the beta to let more people to participate in the experience they’ve developed.”

If rumors are true, Coinbase will have around a month to fine-tune its platform before officially launching in June 2022, as many have predicted. With Coinbase also stating that it would premiere its BAYC-inspired ‘The Degen Trilogy’ film series at ‘NFT.NYC’ between June 21-23, we might speculate if Coinbase intends to make those days a watershed event in its NFT journey.

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Coinbase has opened its NFT marketplace to the public. The market is where people can buy, sell and trade digital assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Reference: coinbase nft marketplace launch date.

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