Coinbase NFT Marketplace Gets Ready to Rock ‘n Roll

The world’s largest crypto exchange is preparing to launch its own decentralized marketplace for trading NFTs. These non-fungible tokens, or “cryptocollectibles” will be the first items on Coinbase’s new platform and could revolutionize how these digital assets are traded in the future.

The “nft trading platform” is a new project that will allow users to trade NFTs. It’s expected to launch in the near future.

Coinbase, a crypto heavyweight, is nearly set to launch its NFT division, proclaiming via email to its army of two million waiting members that “it’s almost here” while the battle for NFT marketplace domination rages.

In a message intended to prepare the NFT world for its arrival, Coinbase made its bold pronouncement in the early hours of Monday morning. The paper includes enticing views of the finished product as well as thorough directions on how to get up and running, all with the goal of getting its members off to a flying start.

The email also included information on a Mastercard partnership. A attractive proposal that will enable customers to buy digital assets using a credit card, avoiding a number of crypto-related barriers to entry into the NFT world. Twitter’s NFT profile pictures were also mentioned, implying that Coinbase NFT might be the next platform to connect with Twitter’s NFT technology.

The marketplace debut is likely to slot perfectly into the build-up to Coinbase’s quarterly earnings release on February 24, implying that its arrival is quite near indeed. “Get ready to create, gather, and connect,” according to Coinbase.

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