Coinbase Launch Beta of its Social-Oriented NFT Marketplace

Many people are excited to see a real nft marketplace hit the market, and they can now get their hands on some crypto-tokens that represent digital goods. The project is gearing up for beta release in June 2019, but if you’re interested in getting your foot into the door early, here’s how.

The “opensea” is a new cryptocurrency that allows users to make and trade their own NFTs. The “Coinbase Launch Beta of its Social-Oriented NFT Marketplace” is the first major use case for the opensea.

Coinbase NFT has officially opened its NFT marketplace in beta after months of anticipation after its announcement last year. The new marketplace, according to the platform, would be a virtual area that goes beyond just buying and selling NFTs. 

Full access to the marketplace has only been granted to a limited few people who are towards the top of the project’s queue, as its beta status implies. The limited user base will be able to create and establish a profile, start growing and participating with the Coinbase community, and find, purchase, and trade NFTs without any fees — all while using any self-custody wallet.

Coinbase intends for the new marketplace to break free from the transaction-oriented dynamics that exist within preexisting NFT marketplaces, as hinted by the imagery and tagline of its announcement video, by adding social media-like functions such as following other profiles, commenting directly on NFTs, and up/downvoting comments as conversations unfold.

The platform’s ‘Discover’ and ‘Shop’ tabs, like those on other social networks like YouTube, will leverage a complex algorithm to guarantee that users’ browsing experiences are relevant to their Coinbase NFT marketplace activity.

Coinbase has stated its intention to add drops, mints, token-gated communities, and the ability to buy NFTs with Coinbase accounts or credit cards in the coming months, as well as support for NFTs on multiple chains, as the platform approaches full launch. The platform’s long-term goal is to shift activities away from Coinbase technology and into the hands of decentralized solutions.

It also goes without saying that the present fee-free dynamic will not play out in the long term, as Coinbase has declared that transaction fees will be added at some point in the future, with such implementation falling in accordance with Web3 industry norms and arriving with adequate warning.

A date for the marketplace’s complete debut has yet to be revealed; however, widespread rumors say that it will open sometime around June 2022 (although don’t take this as gospel).

Check out the beta >> Here 


The “coinbase nft projects” is a new social-oriented marketplace, where users can create and trade their own NFTs. Launched in beta today, the platform will allow users to bring their creations to life with other people around the world.

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