Coachella Offers Lifetime Access to Festival Through NFTs

Coachella partnered with crypto platform OmiseGO to offer lifetime access for token holders. The event has been a pioneer in the music industry, and it’s interesting that they are now embracing blockchain technology as well.

The “coachella nft price” is a token that can be used to gain access to the Coachella Festival. The token is an ERC-721 non-fungible token and can be bought for $0.50 at the time of writing this blog post.

Exchange of cryptocurrencies Coachella, the annual California music and arts event, has partnered with FTX. The long-term relationship will include a variety of crypto-powered activities for festival attendees and NFT fans.

The Coachella NFT Marketplace has been unveiled as the first move from the powerful cooperation, with three separate NFT collections currently available for fans to grab.

The ‘Coachella Keys Collection,’ which comprises of 10 unique NFT keys that allow lifelong access to Coachella and Coachella-produced virtual experiences, as well as other festival experiences throughout 2022, is creating the most buzz in both the metaverse and the music realm. On February 4th, anyone interested in securing a lifetime supply of famous, music-filled summers under the West Coast sun may begin bidding on the collection.

The ‘Sights and Sound Collection,’ a series of 10,000 NFTs featuring never-before-seen soundscapes and photos (each costing $60), and the ‘Desert Reflections Collection,’ an assemblage of 1,000 NFTs commemorating Coachella’s iconic 20-year history, are among the other collections available on Coachella’s new NFT marketplace. The NFTs will cost $180 apiece and may be used to purchase a physical copy of the ‘Coachella, The Photographs: 1999-2019’ photo book. On February 4th, both collections will be available for purchase.

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The “Coachella Offers Lifetime Access to Festival Through NFTs” is a new type of cryptocurrency that offers lifetime access to the festival. The tokens are sold via an initial coin offering (ICO). Reference: where do you buy nfts.

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