Clubhouse Archives – An Innovative Blockchain-Born Clothing Line

Clubhouse is a new clothing line born on the blockchain using crypto tokens. The idea for Clubhouse came about after founder and CEO, Christopher Hurst had his own ideas of what he wanted to see in fashion that hadn’t been seen before. He has since worked with designers from different parts of the world including Italy, Sweden, China and France to create one-of-a-kind pieces that are both modern and timeless.

The “clubhouse blockchain” is a clothing line that uses the technology of blockchain. It was created and designed by a group of designers and artists. The “clubhouse” is a new concept in fashion.

Clubhouse Archives, a premium Web3 clothing line company founded on the blockchain, has just released membership-focused GENERATION NFTs to celebrate the opening of its marketplace.

As a marketplace with a focus on fashion, its staff will collaborate with a wide range of well-known brands, businesses, Web3 campaigns, and others to plan, develop, create, and introduce tangible, customised luxury items with the introduction of NFTs. Here, early access to these phygital (physical Plus digital) components will only be granted to holders of its Genesis membership NFTs.


There will be a total of 1,880 Clubhouse Archives GENERATION NFTs, and each one will serve as a lifetime membership as well proof of being a ‘founding member’ of the brand and marketplace. 

They are integrated with the ability to collect secondary sale shares and royalties from future Clubhouse Archives NFT drops, as well as utilities that provide holders governance authority and access to drops and events. A complimentary clothing will also be provided as a welcome gift. 

The GENERATION NFTs will have a utility feature called ‘GarMint,’ which will allow holders to collaborate on the design of an NFT with Clubhouse Archive using an NFT from their own NFT collection. From here, the holder then has the option to sell their new NFTs in the Clubhouse Archives store, create the physical garments, and receive a split on its sales and royalties. 

Genesis NFT holders will also have voting rights over the creation of future Clubhouse NFT collections, which will be based on handpicked items of high-end digital fashion that also have physical equivalents. 

On July 13 at 9 AM ET, the Genesis mint will start. The cost of each of the 1,880 NFTs is comparable to $600 in ETH.

Archives for Future Clubhouse NFTs 

Future Clubhouse Archives collections will include digital, 3D, avatar-compatible clothing that is also available in a high-end, Italian-made physical version. Members will have complete influence over the actual clothing they get since the collections will be decided by them before being made by designers. 

After the launch of its Genesis collection, members will use their voting privileges to decide on the initial men’s and women’s clothing releases as well as all ensuing twice-yearly seasonal clothes drops. According to reports, the first NFT fashion collection from the initiative would mix an emphasis on premium streetwear and golf apparel. 

These NFTs will become available on the Clubhouse Archives NFT market, which only Genesis NFT holders may access.

The Design Group

James Costa, a veteran leader of the Clubhouse Archives (doxxed) veteran leadership group, has been designing clothing for 21 years. Additionally, it features Greg Mike, a visual artist and the creator of NFT, Matthew Klein, the co-founder of Sweater Ventures, Rob Bass, an accomplished 3D designer, Marty Hackel, the former fashion director of Golf Digest, Jaron Ross, the former men’s buyer at Bergdorf Goodman, and Steven Matoskey, the COO, who brings 10 years of experience in operations and organizational planning. 


The initiative features an exclusive group of advisers dubbed “The Key Society,” which comprises prominent Web3 natives, Hollywood celebrities, professional sports, and of course, fashion gurus, to assure the best curation when it comes to the manufacturing of its physical equivalents.

Visit Clubhouse Archives >> Website


The “clubhouse archives nft” is a clothing line that has been created on the blockchain. The brand was born out of the idea of creating an innovative, sustainable and decentralized business.

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