Cloud Yachts Closes $12 Million Sale Via OpenSea Listed NFT

Cryptocurrency is used to purchase a rare boat created on the Ethereum blockchain that cannot be replicated or transferred. The sale closed at $12 million, just shy of the minimum required for ‘NFT’s listing fee.

The “nft private yacht” is a cryptocurrency that was sold for $12 million. The sale took place on the OpenSea platform, which is an open-source trading platform.

Cloud Yachts has entered the market, presumably as a result of the Bored Apes’ obvious boating obsession. As if certain NFTs weren’t already rare enough, this one costs $12 million and comes with its own Tactical boat, opening the door for high-end NFT-backed luxury items.

NFTs of exceptional nautical product are provided, and the conditions of the transaction are then established. The crew will next begin the construction phase to bring the drawings to life.

Cloud has already sold its first item, a 110-foot (33.5-meter) superyacht constructed by historic shipyard Tactical. To get down to business, a cursory look into OpenSea shows that the NFT is a contract for the construction, with the buyer transferring the majority of the fuds off-chain.

@cloudyachts, a digital yacht dealer, has sold their first ever 33.5 meter Tactical 110 #NFT Yacht to an American owner.

This is thought to be the first NFT #superyacht sale on the #ethereum #blockchain of its sort.

Is this the way things are going to be in the future?

— March 16, 2022, PFMetaverse (@PFVerse)

Tactical will spend the next 36 months developing the magnificent floating residence, with the customer personalizing the item in beautiful augmented reality after the sale. The new owner, a Texan businessman, will then get the completed boat, along with a second NFT for good measure, when it is done.

Learn more about Cloud Yachts >> Here


The “bored ape yacht club” is a crypto-asset that has been listed on the OpenSea platform. The asset was sold for $12 million USD in just one day.

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