Civic Tackles the Bots Plaguing NFT Mints and Drops

The world is full of bots, and they’re currently plaguing the ecosystem for digital assets. The impact has been felt across all industries but it’s a particularly significant problem in crypto as projects struggle to build trust into their communities. In this article, we’ll explore how civic tackles these issues from an NFT perspective and what steps other projects should take when tackling bots on their own platforms.

The “where do you buy nfts” is a question that has been asked by many people. The answer to this question is that there are many ways to purchase NFTs, but the most common way is through an exchange like Civic.

Nothing is more annoying in the NFT world than waiting patiently for that much-anticipated drop only to have bots come in and capture the lion’s share of assets. Civic Technologies, the pioneers of identity verification, now think they have a cure to this digital parasite.

The “Ignite Pass,” as it’s been dubbed, is essentially a free counterpart of the much larger “Civic Pass.” For the DeFi ecosystem, a set of “know your customer (KYC)” and “anti-money laundering (AML)” tools.

By filming a brief video selfie, this ignite pass performs a “liveness” test on the user. A 24-hour pass is delivered to the user’s wallet after the protocol has determined that the user is on the right side of mortality. As a result, they will be able to communicate with the blockchain.

The new technology has the potential to be useful in the crypto realm. People may be hesitant to engage with a feature that successfully captures their identity in this decentralized setting, regardless matter how valuable it may be.

Civic, according to their website, does not keep these selfie films or gather personal information. When a product is advertised as “free,” particularly in the digital era, the client is often the “product.” At the end of the day, the user has the last say on whether or not to employ this technology.

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