Chromia: February 2022 Recap and Development Update

In January of 2022, Chromia began their journey as a decentralized platform for the creation and distribution of NFTs. They have already accomplished so much by building an ecosystem that is open to all developers, artists and consumers alike with more growth on the horizon.

This article first appeared on Chromia.

TLDR Summary of this Article:

  • Dapp Containerization, ICMF, and the Ethereum L2 subsystem are all in the works.
  • The first round of awards for ChromaWay’s incubation program has been announced.
  • In March, the Chain of Alliance testnet alpha will be released.

Update on the Project

Alex Mizrahi, CTO, has released a plan and statement at

“We have an overall strategy,” Alex says, “but since the development process is unpredictable, it is not feasible or viable to specify an exact sequence or specific completion dates.” (Github) Chromia’s Bitbucket page

We’re working on three critical mainnet components at the same time: Dapp containers, the Interchain Message Facility (ICMF), and the Ethereum L2 Subsystem. This list has been carried over from January’s update, and it is still being developed.

Updates from Before

Recap of January 2021

Recap of December 2021

Recap of November 2021

The Recap for October 2021

Update for Q2 2021 and Mainnet Phase Outline

Important Information for February 2022

  • At Regent University in Ghana, ChromaWay has launched a Blockchain Development course.
  • ChromaWay has joined FIBREE, the Foundation for International Blockchain and Real Estate Expertise, as a business partner.
  • Chromia has announced that Memoverse, which is built on the BNB Chain, would use the Chomia Originals NFT standard as a cross-chain integration.
  • In their Incubation Program Kick-Off Day, ChromaWay revealed 12+ award winners!
  • ChromaWay was selected the top Tech Startup in Stockholm, Sweden for 2021 by Hackernoon.
  • PropTech Sweden, a company committed to the digital revolution of the property business, has announced a new relationship with ChromaWay.
  • In early March, Chain of Alliance will debut an alpha demo on Chromia’s testnet.

The event will take place in March 2022.

  • The Chain of Alliance alpha is currently being tested.
  • Launch of the Mines of Dalarnia 2.0 testnet (using BNB Chain + Chromia)
  • More information and announcements will be provided as they become available!

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